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2017-07-24 Scotties BMW



2017-07-24 Scotties BMW

Rode to Santa Clara, CA to meet Ray and Patti. Ray is trailering the R69 engine and other parts for Scottie's love and care.

Look at all these beautiful old bikes! How freaking Coolio is THAT?

...but that POS green thing on the right has to go!

The engine and trans, look how Ray mounted everything to prevent movement and damage.




It's great to see other people have the passion for these old bikes too.

Ray and Patti!

How Ray got all this crap in the trailer I'll never know.. Per Scotties request, wheel bearings left installed.

Trans parts, kickstart lever, etc.

A small shop doing big work.


Yep. Dinged rim. Scotties thinks it can be repaired by 'rolling it on the lathe'. Whatever THAT means.

Some of the bikes.

Never seen a red BMW in person, only pics.

..and then a red, dover grey and black!

Interesting back seat.

You all know how those Millennials are.. Always on the phone!

Say Whaaaat? Green?

..and of all the damn things, Scottie has an employee named.... wait for it... Scott!

Old stuff, good stuff!

I'm gonna have to get me some of them old skool CA plates.. I still have one of the original plates from the 1960's but don't think CA will let me run it. Gotta ask.

Some customer parts for return.,

The ride home via backroads.

Came back via Hollister, hiway 25 to PeachTree to RiverRoad.

Yep, it's been a good day!

From Scottie Sharp...

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