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2013-05-24 California City Property Repair List


Stuff that needs to fixed at the rental..

Dishwasher gasket left hand side.

Clean the screen

All cabinents need refinishing.

Oven and range need a deep cleaning. Whole house needs deep cleaning.

Various face plates throughout the house.

Master bedroom shower..

Master bedroom closet door alignment.

Shade, left upper corner.

Door alignment.

Both bathrooms, caulk tub and flooring.

Living room splooge on ceiling.

Carpet needs cleaning.

Find out where wood came from.. Clean.


Catch pan for water heater and drain to outside.

More cleaning.

Broken shade.

Remove hot tub.

Weed abatement.

Fix broken fence.

Pressure wash wall.

Repair - paint.


That wooden panel looks like it came out of a cabinet somewhere. It's the same construction and color as what's in the house. Install screen.

Repair fence.

Determine if this came out of the oven...

Backdoor jam.

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