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2013-08-18 My New Ride


My New Ride

A very nice couple on the FjrForum recently sold a new Honda cage, releasing this 1988 Honda to me for a very good price. 100k on the odo, original owner, straight bodywork, AC, power windows, 2 liter 4 banger. New tires. At the price point, a GREAT deal. The original owner was more interested in having a good new owner for the car than the price.

I'm that guy.

Drove it home, almost 180 miles, this beauty returned 43.5 mpg and ran up and down the hills on 154 from Santa Nella to 101 S in overdrive. This car is nice. And I will take care of her.

So, once home gave her a good wash and 2x wax job.
Whatcha think? Sweet? Yes!

The paint was a bit faded from years of sun. But no rust. Anywhere. The wax removed the surface layer of oxidation and she now looks GREAT!

In the background, Old Blue, a 1984 Ford F250 with 160k on the clock, OEM engine. LOL, old iron runs in my blood.

I learned a valuable lesson regarding the black molding pieces.. Don't get wax on them.. They don't come back to black after wax. Sigh.

Now, I have a winter time ride when the fog is at 30 feet visibility and/or it's been raining so hard the 3 mile long dirt road is impossible to pass with a street bike, even a DL650 Suzuki.

I can't be happier with this car than I am.
Thank You SOOO much RobN'Deb.
Deb, I WILL take care of your baby.


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