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2015-12-11 Kali Registeration

Recently experienced the joy of registering a 49-state out-of-state bike (AZ) with the state of CA. Not too bad, really, but know that you need to:

  1. Take the bike to DMV or AAA for inspection which consists of:
    1. Locating the VIN number in two different locations
    2. Locating the Federal emissions label
    3. Locating the engine serial number. Note that AZ does not require engine SN on the title
  2. Have a bill of sale and signed title
  3. If not a CA emissions bike, e.g. a 49-state bike, mileage has to be >7,500 miles (I'm not positive about that statement.. but am positive that if it's a 49-state bike the mileage has to be greater than 7,500)

Surprisingly enough, there were some points of contention / confusion regarding the inspector and the VIN numbers in two different locations. On the 2013 at least, the VIN is stamped into the frame on the steering head neck. Right next to the stamping is a sticker containing the VIN and other info. The inspector was reluctant to accept these two different identification methodologies as being in 'two different locations' as both were on the neck. I stood back and watched as she looked for a good 10 minutes before giving up and accepting it as valid.


The Fed emissions label is located on the top of the rear fender. That took a little while to find.


The engine serial number was a piece of cake.. RHS, rear. Easily visible and read.


Then there's the matter of paying the sales tax, out of state penalty, tags for a year. It cost me $995.


Since the bike had no license plate, I took all back roads to AAA.. and saw 5 LEO's! angel.gif No one noticed, no harm no foul!


So there it is.. 


Edit to correct total price!

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