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2009-03-23 What would SkooterG do - Plug n Go?


...Plug n Go?  

Posted 23 March 2009 - 08:07 PM

Nice day today.

Should ride. Did ride.

PR2 a bit worn, plugged last night.

What would Skooter do? Ride, baby Ride. So I rode, baby rode.

Dang it, 45 miles later..

No biggie, I'm not only a CBA member but prezident as well.. I can fix and enjoy, no stress.

Wanted to take pix of this old barn for Andrew for over 10 months now. The flat tire now allows time as the little compressor does.

Here's a photo of the plug kit that DOES NOT WORK, stay away. Sure, it travels nice but is useless, plug undone in 50 miles.

Here's a photo of the stuff that works to seal the hole.. Some of you need visual clues, so here you go.. rofl.gif

The key is to have a tool large enough to plug the hole..

And of course, you have to first prepare the hole..

Too lazy to flip the pix, but you get the bitch of all of this..

Brand new 2005 vintage SkooterG tire installed tonight... LOL

Ready to Rock, baby!

ran an Avon Storm.

in hindsight though, no tire has ever had better cornering peformance - oh well.

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