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1984 Cagiva WMX500



This was my cousin Bob's bike.

Bob was and is my hero. ..but that's a different post.

Long story short, Bob died too early due to alcohol, pot, etc. Incredibly sad, he was such a man's man. 

Anyway, after his death, I inherited his 1984 Cagiva WMX500. In SoCal, a big dealer, Cosmopolitan, IIRC, had set this bike up as a Baja 500 pre-runner for the factory team speedsters.

And I've done nothing with this bike due to higher priorities, lack of finances, etc.

Enter Ian. Ian was one of the guys, back in the day, who was always the coolest. His pops had cool old trucks and cars, and Ian inherited this awareness of how cool some old things are... and has the skills to return them to former glory days. So, pondering the universe, I decided to... GIVE this bike to Ian, pink slip and all - with one simple condition; should Ian decide he no longers wants it, I get first dibs.

Here is the Cagiva, may it find happier times in Ian's care than mine...

Good-bye for now, my favorite memory of Bob, may Ian bring you back to life as you so deserve.


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