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barb's blah-gings

Well sport touring dudes? How goes it?

It's been the oddest spring here on Vancouver Island that I can recall. Sun, warmth, then...snow, ice and extended "winter" in a part of the country that usually never sees it.

Global warming? My ass....

Roads are finally dusted off, and the bikes have appeared in giant herds. Mostly Harley's and other various cruisers. It's kinda redneck-ville here, so...that's what we get. 

My girl goes in for a valve check on Tuesday, and I think I am going to swap out the CCT. My 05 has been pretty trouble free, so I don't have any concerns, but, why tempt fate, or...Howie-ing my engine?

The FZ6 needs just general spring stuff, but it could use a coolant flush/change. I have never done one before all on my own, so this should be interesting. I usually put it off, then spontaneously just do it.

Like my 1st solo oil changes....Just got up one morning, stood at the door to the garage and thought, "self, it can't be all that tough" and I did both bikes and the shaft oil on the FJR in just a little bit, in my flannel nighty. Thought afterwards that would have been a funny video, but glad I did not immortalize myself in that manner when all was said and done. 

Allrighty then, dogs' tummies are growling and, so is mine actually. Toodles!





Hi Barb,

Thanks for posting on the CBA site! Woot -Woot! ..

Honestly, somehow did not know you are on Vancouver Island!

..and in your flannell nighty?

...OOooohh, Yeah!

doesn't everyone do oil changes in their flannel lingerie?



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