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2011-05-30 Wabs gets new tires


Kenda big block rear tires are a PITA to install. 2 hours to get the old one off, new on one. Suzuki DL650.

The problem seems to be bead width is excessive - if one bead is broken, the other one is seated - very difficult to have both beads broken at once.

There is no way you could do a tire change in the field without a tire changer, clamps, lube, etc.

This is the 2nd Kenda BB I've installed, both had the same issue. Then again, the tire IS incredibly tough. Had a nail in it, no leaks. And I suppose if you run really low tire pressures for off-roading, you would never have to worry about rolling a bead.

For me though, I've had enough. Back to the TKC80.

The front Kenda big block was not a problem, fit perfectly.


The BigBlock rear is nearly gone after only 1,200 miles. Changed it last night, ending mileage = 30,848.

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