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2011-10-15 Wrenching Tips



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We know something about cleaning bugs off the plastic parts here in Flori-duh, and I thought I had it down with wet towels and a little bit of spray on bug remover, but a car guy gave me a great CHEAP bug cleaning tip that I was very skeptical about till I tried it!

DRYER SHEETS - that's right, regular old stolen from the laundry room dryer sheets!

Spray down the bike, knock off what you can with your bare hand, then dampen a dryer sheet and apply gently. Let it sit for about three minutes, rinse and then wash with your favorite cleaning soap. The bugs fall off. It's absolutely amazing how quickly and how well it works. 

And if you use the scented one, yur bike smells purty too! 

Works great on face shields and helmets too! 

I use a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and water a 50/50 mix in a spray bottle, spray and wait a few, they start to foam up and rinse, it get all the bugs in the areas that is hard to reach to, great for the collection in the radiator area. 

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