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2012-02-13 Street License the beast?


Googling up to see what the requirements are..

You will get a green or red sticker

A green or red sticker is issued according to the following criteria:

Green stickers are issued for all 2002 year model and older OHVs, including those that were previously issued a red sticker, and to 2003 and newer vehicles that comply with the California Air Resource Board emission standards for California. Green stickers allow year round use at all California OHV riding areas.

Red stickers are issued only for 2003 and newer year model OHVs that are not certified to California OHV emission standards and which have a "3" or "C" in the eighth position of the vehicle identification number (VIN). Red stickers allow seasonal use only in California OHV riding areas.


..and more from the ARB


The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has had regulations pertaining to on-highway motorcycles since 1978.  The on-highway motorcycle regulations pertain to all 50 cubic centimeter displacement and larger on-highway motorcycles imported, offered for sale, sold, used and/or registered in California.  The regulations require these on-highway motorcycles to be certified by the manufacturer through the ARB to meet the California emission standards and be properly labeled, in order to be registered for street use by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
In the year 2000, ARB made DMV aware of possible conflicts between the ARB requirements and the procedures used at DMV to register motorcycles on-highway.  For many years, the DMV has allowed off-road motorcycles to be converted to street and dual registration without checking the emission status of the vehicles.  Upon notification by the ARB of the error, the DMV revised their registration procedures to reflect proper registration under California law.
The attached Vehicle Industry News, VIN 2003-11 published by the DMV in September 2003, explains the new DMV registration procedures pertaining to off-highway motorcycle conversions.
VIN 2003-11 can also be viewed at:
The following is a summary of the most applicable portions of the VIN.  Any off-highway motorcycle purchased after December 31, 2003 is not eligible for on-highway or dual use registration unless the manufacturer originally certified the vehicle to meet the California onhighway emission standards.  Off-highway motorcycle owners eligible for a green sticker that purchased their vehicles prior to January 1, 2004 and have applied for on-highway or dual registration with the DMV prior to January 31, 2004, will be eligible for on-highway or dual use registration.
Please see the attached DMV VIN for clarification of the new registration procedures for onhighway and/or dual use registration.  Any questions concerning registration should be directed
to the DMV Customer Communications Section at (916) 657-6560.
OTHER INTERESTED PARTIESEnforcement Advisory Number 319
October 9, 2003
Rev. October 31, 2003
Page 2
Please direct any questions regarding on or off highway motorcycle emissions certification and
enforcement requirements to our Public Information Office at
1-800-END-SMOG or 1-800-242-4450 or visit
Please refer to Advisory No. 313 for additional information on OHV enforcement.
James R. Ryden, Chief
Enforcement Division
California Air Resources Board
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, California  95812

BD Kit - Universal 510.00      
Light stator (Ricky Stator, Race Tech Elec)        
DOT tires        



 What year is the 426 and what does all the above bull shit mean with your beast!!!!!



Me thinks it means my 2000 green stickered yz426 is plate-able! That's what! I have a green sticker, it's earlier than 2k4, and I'm pretty sure the vin 8th digit is not a 3 or C!

So, if I can street license the beast... you and your fat 650 better watch out!



I'll be waiting big boy

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