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2012-02-22 Spare Engine bought



Posted 22 February 2012 - 10:41 AM

Well then, done deal. Trigger pulled. CC wounded. 2008 5k miles. Found on FleaBay

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Answering IonBeams great questions - Dealer name - JWS Cycle Person name - Joe Phone - 908-812-3290 Donor VIN - JYARP15E28A005389  Posted Image

Copy of title avail - Yes, will email color scanned and all other paper he has too Engine sold as is seen in pix? E.g. no other parts removed? - YES

Direct seller, not broker? YES

Engine run by Joe after crash, before disassembly - YES

Tranny checked that all 5 gears are engageable? - YES

Engine stored inside or outside since disassembly - INSIDE

How long since removed from frame - 8 MONTHS

How does Joe know only 5k miles? - Read on cluster

Any proof? NO.

How shipped? UPS Freight 6 - 7 days after crated, 1-2 days to crate. Crate is 7/16" OSB and 2x4, strapped down. UPS truck is trailer, no outside weather exposure.

Other Info? Joe bought this bike from original owner, personally. In New York, deer, swerve to miss deer (did) ended up in ditch. Pretty much all plastic upfront destroyed but forks, wheels, radiator, frame all OK. Gas tank and cosmetic front damage sufficient to part out. Guarantee? - Engine will run. Suggests nice easy initial running, let oil seals, cases take new oil up. After that, guarantee is over. Total price delivered to Hondarosa? $1185. My plan upon receipt is to very carefully inspect 

  • bores for rust, water, etc, 
  • Check for all 5 gears selectable
  • Add oil
  • Perform comp test
  • Perform leakdown test
  • If good, remove from crate and install


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