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2012-03-08 Engine Arrives!


2012-03-08 Engine Arrives!

The UPS dispatcher is a total dork. First he was routing a 57 foot long semi to the Hondarosa, at then end of a 3 mile long dirt road with no turn-around. I talked the disptcher into me meeting big truck with my little truck, Ol Blue, told him 5 or 6 times I needed a 2 hour advance notice. So the idjit dispatcher calls and wonders if I can meet the truck not in Atascadero as planned but rather at the Home Depot in Templeton, in an hour?

"No I can't."

"OK, we'll set up a time later in the afternoon".

30 minutes later, the driver calls.

"Can I meet him in 30 minutes, at the junction of x and y, near my house?"

"Sure I can, just wait for me."

..and we're off on a high speed motobike run, hauling ass.

Long of short, here's the crate in Ol Blue. (click pix for better image)

The dismantler, Joe Skelton, at did a good job on crating the engine, although the oil drain plug actually did wear through the wood.

Back at the Hondarosa, can't wait to get the box open. I tried to lift the crate, no freaking way, even if my already sore back wasn't tweaked.

Christmas arrives early, and Harley D Dawg approves.

So far, so good. Visually, the engine looks like a young one. the rubber hoses still very flexible, the paint still shiny, not much engine grime either. I like the fact the engine had not been power washed or cleaned prior to shipping.

Pretty intake valves. I wonder if they seal or just look good?

The engine arrived with the master cylinder still connected to slave cylinder. I had been told by Joe that the PO crashed into a dirt ditch avoiding a deer. It was good to see this dirt then.. kind of strengthens the story line.  

I'm guessing the valve cover has been off once before, probably for the first valve adjust?

Exhaust ports and studs look good too.

All tabs and threads seem ok. The worst thread is at 10 o'clock spot of alt cover, engine mounting bolt.

Alternator cover road rash. Will use my old one.

Engine serial number.

Ready for transport to the leakdown test station.

Not sure what this goo is,some kind of gasket sealer maybe?

Sparking plugs look good and came out easy.

Exhaust studs look good.

Start of leak down testing. My gauges are 1 psi different from each other. I used this to correct leak down results.

A bit of corrosion on water inlet pipe. 

A shot showing how nice and new looking the braid and engine are.

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