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2012-03-10 Compression Test new engine


Valves and cams look nice and clean..

Hardly worn, actually.

Cam Timing pix for future reference... Yeah, I'm a silly millimeter off here.

Finally, cam sprockets indicating correctly. How many bikes have I had where it was a 'judgement call'?

Sweet! I am starting to like this Ebay enigne..

No doubt about alingnment.

And I got the A-Frame moved from my bud's house here too.

Ready to Rock.

Cyl1 Cyl2 Cyl3 Cyl4
230 225 225 220

Note.. by cyl 4 my battery was running out of juice, rpm noticeably slower. Given the good leak down numbers, and the fact this engine has sat for 8 months, I think I'm very ok with these numbers. I did not squirt any oil into cylinders to see if improvement would happen. It is what is...

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