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2012-06-05 Torn Seat Again


Back again to Bill Mayer saddles to have a torn seam fixed. This is twice now.

I think the CyclePort mesh Kevlar is ruining the seat as I slide my leg over the saddle. No worries, the leather lasts about 3 years. My fist BM saddle was in 2k6, about 150k miles ago. And I ride true CBA rides daily, meaning I'm on and off the bike and saddle alot.

I have several wounds on my body that look worse than this!

Bill Mayer has a new shop. Evidently, him and the Missus have parted sheets.
She got the million dollar house, he got the biz...

The new shop..

Ran across these Harley riders.. and invited myself to their breakfast.. Truly great peeps. and you would not believe who is the sheriff and who is the lawyer?

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