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2012-06-04 Busted Aux Tank


It ain't pretty.. But. My aux tank cracked the spot welds on the baffles. The only true cure is to cut the top off (difficult, two vetical rises, e.g .tubes, welded top and bottom) then re-weld the baffles back in place. Beyond my skill set, for sure. Or as G Velenz used to say, 'fo sho!' So I did the best I could. Tried JB Weld, but it was viscous. Found another product, not liquid, a solid two part epoxy, said it was good for gas tanks..

So here it is. NOT pretty, granted. Let it set for 24 hours, put gas in tank tonight, will let set tonight and sit for several days.. If it doesn't decompose I'll run the Aux tank to NAFO. On the other hand, don't need no decomposing two-part epoxy clogging up me fuel injectors...

Same side, could not get the camera to the backside of this longitudinal baffle...


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