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2013-03-31 Skyway Bracket mod by Kaitsdad



Posted 09 October 2007 - 09:17 PM

Many of us have received the Skyway light brackets recently.

Here's what you get in the package:

1 left bracket
1 right bracket
4 GenII mirror bushings. (NOT needed for GenI bikes)

The purpose of the bushings is to compensate for the thickness of the brackets - this allows adequate threads for the nuts to hold the mirrors on. Which is a good idea, by the way.

First - I'll state the obvious. You have to remove to mirrors to install these brackets. So - pull off the A,B,C, and D panels, remove the 4 10mm nuts, and lift off the mirrors.

The gasket with the stock bushings is obvious once the mirrors are off.

You want to pull the gasket and bushing out of the cowling - I just used a 90 degree probe, and pried it out of the hole. It's asynchronous in design, so take a moment to understand the way it sits in there.

Here's what it looks like:

I removed the two long 'pips' on the back - they slide into small holes in the cowling stay to hold the gasket in place during assembly. I tried to replace the gasket with the pips in place - but gave up, and removed them. I just used a pair of side cutters, and snipped them off. This won't present any issues unless you remove the cowling at some point in the future.

Remove the stock bushings, and replace with the provided bushings:

I found that it was a good idea to loosen fasteners on the fairing, and remove the two screws holding the cowling to the cowling stay.
(I apologize for the poor focus - I'll try to edit in a cleaner picture later.)

Then you have to slide the gasket back into the cowling from behind:

This is where the loosened fasteners present themselves - you can pull the cowling plastic away from the cowling stay, and slip the gasket back in. I had first tried to just shove it back into the hole, but it was kinda like pushing rope.

The new bushings in place - slick.

Prior to installing the mirrors, I would suggest a dab of blue Loctite -

I've installed FZ1 mirrors (love seeing what's behind me!) and the bolts are slightly shorter than the stock mirrors - but even with stock mirrors, use the Loctite. They're now holding up the brackets and lights, so you don't want the nuts dropping into the cowling at the wrong time.

End result:

11,031. Hugs and Kisses!

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