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2013-04-21 KoolAid Training - Bay Area, CA

Anyone available to ride?

Leaving in 10 minutes!

Chop-Chop, KickStands UP!

Well, no one wanted to ride with me. What's the CBA El Prezidente to do?
Got without them bastids, of course! 

I like old Oak Trees, they make for good barn wood..

...and twisty roads.. They make for good riding.

and flowers - they make for good smelling.

..and views make for good breathing..

See what I mean?

Lighthouse lenses made to guide sailors home from the fog.

And good eatin' to let you know you're alive.

Nice warm days to fill the heart with love and appreciation.

and a babbling brook to drop your toes in.

Truly a day in paradise.

Followed by this SHIT!@

All in all, a wonderful, relaxing CBA ride while getting paid to do so..
Does it REALLY get any better than this?

Nice report.  Wish AZ where I live was green like that.


Joe (Tucson Joe)

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