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2013-04-27 KoolAid Ride Home

Will be leaving Saturday the 27th to get on home. Being a CBA doode, however, the ride home will NOT be direct! 

Hope to see 'The Wall' in Berkely, then the Lick Observatory on top of Mt. Hamilton.

Spotwalla Linky

In the meantime, thought I'd share this pix of a Harley I saw at the Learning Center today..

Check out the extended fish tails.. the ape hangers.. 
The rider was wearing colors of some type..Did not recognize the club.
Ironically, the day earlier had made contact with a Harley rider named Duff. 
IBA rider, and a RIDER. 
What a freakin' difference.
This bike was louder than shit and obnoxious as only a loud Harley can be.
And I own a Harley - so I can speak.


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