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2013-05-11 Gathering of Clans

2013 and the Clan Gathering is green lighted. Work, got time off. KrZy8, fit, lean and mean. Just like me.
and yes, this pix are out of order. Live with it!

But first, some bikes from a different generation.. All riders, all beautifully restored.

These bikes were in front of the Loading Chute, a local steak house in Creston, California.
Judging by one of the <gasp> roll charts</gasp> on the bikes, they were on a run from the Templeton, Ca area.

Elegantly simple.

A Pope.. Never heard of one before. Looks n i c e though..

A Yale. Always wanted one of them! 
What's that again?

The seat looks original..

So fast it's doing 15 MPH while sitting still!

The FarWest Tavern. It's moved from Guadalupe..


This pix for my amigo TurboDave.. ECV forever, right Dave?

Another reason for the move?

These two HD riders had ridden from Florida to explore the central Kali koast area..

Flowers near Lompoc...

A barn pix for my bud Andrew, OrangevaleFJR. RIP Bud.

This must have been a bad day for these RV peeps..

Check out the heavy rust. Wonder if a steering component failed?

KrZy8 awaits the long and winding road..

Just ahead, really, is the Pacific Ocean..

The road to Jalama!

KrZy8 attracts her adoring fans while the '13 sits alone like a wallflower..

We are ALL examples, eh Jorstin?

MadMike2 says HI while TucsonJoe, Patti, and FJRay look on.

Ray makes his point clear..

Richard, Fairlaner, would rather clean his skoot than ride it?

Ray and Patti on their new Hondapotamus.

Back at the hotel for the first night.. MCML, Joseph, and Simon?

MadMike2 looking good as always. Great to see you again, Mikeee!

King Richard and his harem of lovely ladies. They can't figure him out. What's his trick?

NeilFromSanDiego rawks the glasses while Tyler wonder what's going on?

At dinner, the boyz wave hi! 

Jill and Andy, The Silver Penguins..

Neil and Janet.

The next morning, Fairlaner was running a long route with a bunch of peeps - about 260 miles. 
EscapeArtist (George) and McRide007 (Steve) didn't feel like running that many miles so we came up with a CBA route..
Goleta to Ojai, 33 N to Lockwood Valley to Cuddy to Pine Mountain to 166 to 33 to Goleta. 
About 248 miles, LOL.

Here's Lake Casistas on 150 East.

dCarver fearlessly leading the Pacific Northwet crew..

We ain't afraid. We filled up just a bit earlier..

USA's smallest post office - pix for my bud RenoJohn.

Isn't this politically incorrect now adays?

Leaving Ojai, 33 North just ahead. The hills are calling my name!

Stopping for a rest, we saw a pack of sportbikes speed on by.. A buck10 maybe, and the lead rider left a darkie in the corner.
The pack could be heard from miles away.

California has it all.. No need to travel to hot and dry AZ to see rock formations..

..and we have twisty roads too..

Straight roads too. 

From the oceans, to the valley's to the hills far away, Kali has it all ya'll.

Long distance shot of another barn.

Campers welcome! 
Maybe the spot for the next WFO?

Riding done, it's time to imbibe. 
SinLoki (Danuel), Nick (TJ's son), TucsonJoe, MCML (Joseph) and msMcML, Valerie.


NeilFromSanDiego and Janet, Nightshine (Sam) and FjRay (Ray)

SilverPenguin (Jill) and Bugnatr (Doug) as Mrs. Bug (Gayle) yawns on at the stories of great daring-do.

Tyler and msDcarver while Fairlaner tries to get a good pix..
Our eating joint. Walking distance and pretty good food!


Son and Father, Nick and Joe. SinLoki studies the food supply chain.

Tyler, Gail, Doug, Jill, Andy.

Jill and Andy, the Silver Pengui.

Nightshine and EscapeArtist, George.
You need to excuse George, he's fom the Pacific Northwet! 

Sam, George, Deb, Roger, Steve (Bluestreek)

msDcarver telling me put the camera down. She's always telling me what to do.. :)

It was Mrs.Bug's birthday! (Gayle)

Reaching the end of the road. Literally. 
FJRay and Patti on the dirt road heading back to the Hondarosa. 

Ray wasn't enjoying the dirt road. The Potamus is a wallower!

Arriving at the Hondarosa.

That's it - this party is offically O-V-E-R.
We loaded up the KZ1300 rolling chassis and boxes of parts, including an XR600 engine needing a rebuild, and they were on their way north.

It was a really fun weekend hanging out with great peeps, new and old. 
Some of us have gone to other bikes, or even trikes, yet the friendship remains.
It's about the peeps, not the machines.



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