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2013-05-24 California City Property Inspect


Pops property in Kali City, Kali...

Renters moved out. Need to inspect. 
Yeah, that's it, I NEED to ride 500 miles to make sure the property manager is doing their job.
I'm SURE you understand...

Oh Joy. Bambi. And I haven't even gotten to pavement yet.

Here we go.. 

Windmills dot the countryside. And it has nothing to do Mr. Obama.

Yeah, Baby. That's what I'm talking about...

Solar Farms..

Not a good shot.. But trust me, lots of acres with panels now..

At one point in time, this was a very lonely junction, access to the old shack was easy. Not now..

The reality? More energy consumed to make solar than produced. It's a loss. 

And you thought Herman was big?

Sooo glad I don't have to deal with this traffic bullshit where I live. The freaking cages kept turning left well after the light was red...

Now then, this is better... 

This is a test.. Can you tell where the water is?

Heading home... We used to ride dirt bikes here.. Not so much now...

We camped at these rocks, 'back in the day'. Now all you can do is look at them.

Ever noticed how many Indian drivers are now running our big rigs across the states? 
IMHO, if you want to bring the US to the knees... 
Just disable the trucking industry. 
I hate to see this crap.

Big Ass Oil Hole..

A Beef Eater from Montana is the Avila Beach big cheese?

Almost home, nearly 500 miles to the day..

I don't like the grapes..  they are sucking our water dry. 
So don't drink wine.
Drink Whiskey from Tenessee.


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