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2013-06-05 Mac Tool Rep Matt Rocks!





200+ miles from the house and KrZy8... dear old girl, the clutch lever is damn near touching the grip, and she's creeping forward in 1st gear at the stop light. Fuck. Kill switch. Find neutral. Push to road side. 


In a rare moment of clarity recall that shifting over the last several weeks has not been snick-snick smooth. 


Time to get back to hotel. 


Wait - there's a Mac tool truck at the gas station. 

He might have some tubing to keep fluid from hitting the high dollar assphalt of the high dollar hotel I'm staying in.


"No, all I have is a $40 kit' says Matt, the Mac truck tool guy.

"Follow me back to the shop, I'll set you up" says my new best friend.


I barely have enough disengagement in the clutch to make it to the Import Auto Shop he parks his Mac truck in. 


"Come on" says Matt, "Follow me, we'll get you set up."


I do, and shortly I have a 14" length of 5/32 hose, a water bottle to catch the fluid in, and several shop towels to clean up the mess. 


Needless to say, my next tool order is going to be with Matt, of Mac Tools in San Ramon. 


Limping back to the hotel, I seem to recall that flushing the hydraulic clutch line sometimes can cause more damage than good. I know that the rubber protective boot on the master cylinder piston has been, uuuh, absent for duty some time, and my concern grows.


So I call Ray.


Basically, Ray says 'Flush It, clutch boy'...


.and I do.


and now, all is wonderful, the sun is shining bright (in the morning), I don't have to worry about a U-Haul ride or renting a motobike trailer to put the FJR on while I tow her home behind a Harley-Davidson or something even worse, a car.


In other words, life is really good!


Thanks to Ray, and especially to Matt, the San Ramon Mac tool dealer, a total stranger, helping a fellow moto-head out.



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