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2013-06-03 - SLP Phase 2

Round 2 of Supervisor Leadership Training - A very good thing - and another opportunity to ride KrZy8.

Needed gas, stopped in Paso Robles, CA, and found this really nice FJ.. Fella by the name of William, from Shandon, CA.

William seemed very interested in KrZy8, the successor to the FJ he now rides. But he loves his FJ and I don't think we will soon see William on an FJR.

Some rides are better than others. This one, well, it kind of sucked. I know, be grateful for every ride. We all have only so many rides in the karma, so make the best.

To say it was windy was an understatement.
Actually, the wind wasn't as strong as what I had when riding through Death Valley or Tehachapi pass, but this wind was different - it swirled and was left, right, and up. It took my magnetic tank bag and lifted it off like a NASA moon shot. It was 3 miles up the road to make a Uie, then return to the scene of the crime. Fortunately, it was just off the road and no real damage done.

At first, I thought this might be Bugnator?

One of the cool things about riding..
Here I am, on a 150k plus Yammie FJR and come across the guy with his high dollar car..
I'm not all that impressed, but the driver of this car was Ooogling and Ahhhing KrZy8 like she was a 19 year old porn star.

Next stop light, and this guy could have so much said go fuck yerself, I'm the baddest ass on the road!

Cruising along at nominal Candy Butt Association speed, a fellow rider pulled along side and pointed upward...
What's he trying to say?
A CHP Plane?

We are heading home now...
Due to heat load, decided to run the coast back to the Hondarosa.
Set the GPS to advoid Highways and went for it..

The plan was to ride to Half Moon Ban, hook a left on 1, and ride home.

 I wonder if this guy knows he bought a used Taxi car from New York City?

Road consturctin still a big item..

It really does NOT get better than this...

Farmers are Everywhere!

What a Vampire sees as you ride by..

Still on highway 1...

A  wonderul ride, really. All the cages moved over when I approached, leaving ample room to pass and skoot.

Bridge building material...

Wish I had paused.. This guy flipped me the bird .5 seconds later...


Made it home by dark.!
I LIKE this pix!

A nice day.Can anyone want more?

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