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2013-07-07 - Iron Butt Rally CP 2


Iron Butt Rally, Check Point 2

Rancho Cordova, CA

(as seen from a Candy Butt Association perspective)

Leaving out of Creston, CA. About 3.5 hours to go. By CBA standards, no fine!

Ironic I should see this on trip start. Later, I would see a dead motorcyclist, blood everywhere, hit by a cage.

Not a bad gig, if you can get it!

I like Old Barns.

And, on the radio, Santana, playing "It's a hot one, in the barrio".. Later in the day, an IBR rider would suffer from the heat too and be forced to pull out.

Stinky assed-cows on I-5, Harris ranch. You can smell these cows from 5 miles downwind. Either that, or your behind a IBR rider...

Santa Nella for pea soup!

IBR CP 2 parking lot, and the CBA Prez has arrived!

So have the IBR pups of Doug555.

Yeah, Doug loves his kids..

Two foto geeks.. I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Uhhh, not quite sure what to say here, but looks like Warchild, Dale, be getting a little head rubbing from Tyler!

Former IB Rally competitors!

I like rally bikes. Dirty, functional, practical. Ridden.

When all else fails, go to what you know. KISS, baby, KISS.

LOVE IT! Chunk of wood, tethered, droopy highway peg.. Yes!

CBA riders need not apply for this permit...

I need to introduce myself more. So many peeps I've seen before and still don't know who they are.. The fellow on crutches.. He must have some good stories.

Riders start to arrive.

Same dude, same block, same string.

I don't know who these peeps are, sorry. But I do love the HD Carver Tape on the bags and topcase!

Of all the sins... Tom Melchild brings Kool-Aid tires on the back of an FJR?

I really liked this Single.. It struck a cord since I'm considering a 690 KTM.

Warchilds one eyed FJR...

Beadriders were everywhere. I've tried, them, NOT CBA endorsed...


Imagine my surprise when I see Eeeksnake, Chris Purney ride up, all happy and shit and feeling good! Crap he knew who I was, and I was struggling to remember where I had met this guy.. Then someone mentioned his name... and it came back to me.. he was CP2 in Santa Anna, doing what I'm doing, just hanging out and helping!

Chris was NOT to happy to be forced to smoke these cheap-assed cigars!

A motivational sign, I believe it was from Tyler!

Fortunately, Doug555 had a fresh supply of good cigars.. and Chris said since he had new cigars, he would ride the rally on!

Getting ready to install a new rear tire.

Chris had arrived early, so he had plenty of time to wrench prior to 'stopping the clock'. We made sure he did everything correctly.. He was looking and behaving pretty damn good from a CBA perspective, but we did catch him make several errors in the install process, so I felt good to be his QC inspector.

Which side does the fat washer gon on?

I have to say all the spectators did really good at giving the rally riders space to complete their thoughts, receipts, documentation prior to scoring.

Will fix this later.

Other riders arrive. This guy had just had full service done down the street. Smart move..

I don't know who he is.. but he had Gen 1 main tank over pressurization problem. IBPete and I did what we could.. Removed the cap, cleaned shit out, but in the end one vent hose will  still holding vacuum unless the cap was popped open.

Somewhere along the line, I missed meeting JP Mountain. He's a CBA member, and I was hoping to say hi.

Tobie Stevens was everywhere with that big lense, getting in my way and taking my foto ops... :)

I don't see the Aerostitch fascination.. Hot, ugly, not THAT much protection as compared to newer suits.

I think this is TriggerT's ride, I recognize the upper/lower lights.

The big 6 was still looking good and won the most-farkled CBA cockpit award.

I mean, like, really? Farkle Envy?

Love the top case anti-theft securing device!

Where the hell is that tire plug kit?

This rider.. well, he's not the typical BMW anal packing type...

Mike Crockett calls in to see where Wendy is..

..then passes some time with Doug's pooch.

One rider was heat exhausted, for safety he was escorted to an IV.

Eeeksnake, still really happy to have a new load of cigars...

Dean Tanji and Fairlaner.

Fellow FJR Peeps Ryan and Jeanette.

Dale Wilson giving me the "WTF is the CBA doing here?" look.

Single cylinder 500cc Honda. Awesome. Heard he had some tranny trouble the next day. Best of wishes, rider!

Nothing feels so good as a good head scratch after completing yet *another* SS1k..

RenoJohn, capturing the action. He DROVE his car while the Battle-Born-Bike stayed in the Gayrage....

Hah! And he's getting a bald spot too!

Interesting tire choice.. Was the Jungo road rider?

Matt Watkins, Ignacio, had a monster ride. And he was barking out orders just like a mayor should, LOL. "I need a new tire, but don't anyone start unless I'm here!" He had game face on, big time!

XS-11 rider has courage.


...and no oil cap.


Spare parts inventory...

Clever SPOT fixture.. On sale soon!

Fazr-Phil is a FazingLunatic!


The Ninja 250 arrives.. Amazing.

I mean, really, did he ride it? Look at how clean it is! It's so small he avoids most all the bugs? This guy is TOUGH!

And gets a hug from Doug!

XS-11 cockpit!

Showroom new Ninja for sale. Only ridden in a couple of rallies, really!

The big hog!

Too bad he doesn't ride much..

This HD is well farkled and sounded healthy when it entered the lot. The rider looked fairly good too. I don't know his name, and thus will have problems following his success. Oh wait, he's only 1 of 2 HD's in the rally!

This is Del, Painman on the FJR Forum, looking at all the krazies..

What the hell, a duplicate pix?

XS-11 minus oil cap. Best of Luck to this Rider, I love his spirit.

Wendy Crockett.

Mike changes tires while Wendy C does logs.

Wendy Crockett, Long Distance Rider.

Mr. Tom Melchild, caught in the BMW KoolAid-Treason act! :)

Big pix view of the circus..

Wendy, working the logs.. Great ride Wendy, no matter how you finsih overall!


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