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2013-07-12 Clearwater Install Fjr Peeps


After months of missed dates, finally time for the Clearwater install.

Leaving the hotel room in Dublin for the 2+ hour ride <gasp> to Clearwater Lights HQ

Glenn, owner, and Skip, tech, were very easy to work with. I wanted to retain my backup lighting circuit (2, no, really 3 separate power paths).

They had me ride KrZy8 into the plush air conditioned inner sanctums, deep into the bowels of ClearWater HQ. The full cavity security search didn't hurt all that much..

Skip, Cliff, jeesh, forgot his name, does nice work.

Inside the guts..

The next 4 or so pix are for me. So skip on over them. Nothing to see here folks.

RognDeb were nice enough (foolish) to put me up for the night. The deal was dinner for a room/shower. I only paid for lunch, that Roger is one tough customer. That means he's like really stubborn. Here, he's laying the law down. Don't mess with Roger. :)

It was VERY nice to see MadMike. Here he poses as MADmike!

You can tell when MadMike is talking... his hands are moving too!

The GFrans were there too! Always great to Gary and Cindy.

Then I rode home.

To find my new to me used Russel seat had arrived. Me Likey.

The end.

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