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Clearwater Erica / Darla LED Vs. Soltek HID


Several have asked how I like my new Erica Clearwater lights.


I'll keep it short n' sweet.


  1. They don't have as much long range illumination as Solteks.
  2. The pattern up front is superior to Solteks. I'm running Erias on top, Darlas down below.
  3. Then again, Solteks are on or off, most of the time off due to oncoming traffic. Clearwaters are dimmable, making then useful all the time and I've yet to have a car flash lights at me or get flipped off.
  4. Clearwaters turn fully on with high beam activation. I really like this. The difference between fully on with dimmer and truly fully on with high beam activation is approx 15% more.
  5. Clearwater Erica's are much lighter than Solteks and should not cause inner front stay damage. (I broke 3 subframes using Solteks)
  6. For some reason, having the Darlas on has calmed the erratic voltage readings on my X85 radar detector / voltmeter. It used to fast fluctuate between 13.8 and 14.3. Now the reading is rock solid at 14.2, 14.3. Perhaps it's just enough load to keep the regulator regulating vs. turning off.
  7. LES's beat the crap out of HID's as they are instant on. HID's have warm-up time on initial power up.
  8. Overall, even if the Solteks didn't cause subframe damage, I still prefer the Clearwater lights. Too many advantages vs. just one small disadvantage (not as far of 'reach' with light) - but still way more than enough.

The end.

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