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2013-08-04 Hal's House

KrZy8 goes to Doctor Hal



On the way back home.

Spit-Shined and ready for the blankie.

Under the blankie and ready for Dad to pick me up!

Observations from riding Amentia...

  1. The cockpit is really noisy, lots of buffeting. My 2007 DL650 with really small windscreen is quieter. The Rifle on KrZy8 is quieter than the DL650. I may give Hal one of my spare Rifle shields to see if he likes it.
  2. Heated hand grips rock!
  3. The highway pegs in the frame sliders rawk too. I'm going to make that mod, it really helps to stretch out the ham strings.
  4. Bill Mayer seats - suck. I have one on KrZy8, Hal has one. I'm pretty sure when Hal rides KrZy8 back, with the Russell, he'll be selling the BM. :)
  5. After being run above 4k rpm for a couple of hours (Rally Nominal Speeds) the engine really smoothed out and the MPG went to 40.2, better than KrZy8 typically gets.
  6. Amentia is a smooth running machine. Better, smoother than KrZy8.
  7. Seats in the low position kill my knees. I was aching and still am aching. Should have stopped and raised it. Oh well.
  8. The ABS brakes aren't working, at least on dirt surfaces. Thought I'd cycle the ABS spool piece on the dirt road.. Both brakes simply skid, no ABS action at all. No ABS error light.
  9. Oh, I stole the radar detector off Amentia to use on Wabs until mine comes back home.. forgot to remove it!


for testing the ABS - it has been a while since I tested it.   And with all the sitting,  I'm not surprised.   We shall see.  

I thought about the seat when you left -  and you wouldn't have been able to raise it,  as the plastic adjuster isn't there.  Ouch.   Those extra highway pegs give a lot of options for stretching on the bike.  And I look forward to trying your saddle on the return trip.   

The windshield is a Cee Bailey,  reverse flip.  It is kind of noisy -  but around 90 it does quiet down.  

I'm thinking the SeaFoam helped on the smoothness.  Interesting -  it's due for it's second valve check.  So it's either smoothed out,  or one of the engine mounts has loosened   ?   surprise



Back to work.

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