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2013-08-03 Maint - FJR to Hal's House



Rode KrZy8 to Hal's house then rode his bike home to have work done.

Valve check
New Coolant Using distilled water
Brake fluid
New radiator hoses
Replace radiator I have the new one
Lubricate swingarm bearings
Lubricate Suspension pivot bearings
R and R suspension
Change hydraulic fluid in clutch
New headlight bulbs I have new bulbs
Lubricate shift mechanism
Lube center stand
Lube windscreen mechanism
Check brake pad wear replace as needed
Throttle body synchronization Using FredW  unauthorized technique
Barbarian jumper modification
Replace wheel bearings
Install new brake linkage From extreme Marine
Install rear brake lube zero fitting
Headlight adjust mechanism Install new
Fuel pump for auxiliary gas tank
Service center stand
Clean air filter it's not that old
Pin  saddlebags
Repair auxiliary fuel tank
Lubricate side stand
Install remote audio control box
Lube u joint
Possible replacement with Galfet

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