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2013-08-26 Email to Hal



Let's talk a bit about scheduling, work, and date frames. The last weekend for me to pick up or you to deliver KrZy8 is Sept 7/8, which is coming up FAST. 
I leave for biz training Sept 10 at noon and then onto vacation to La Pine and later to see Pops. 
Not knowing what's been accomplished, let me discuss what I do know -
     * Galfer rotors / SS brakelines - cancelled
     * MC lift - This is the one I've selected. It's a Hardy Chinese knock off, Fairlaner has one, he says it's good. It's $168 to delivered to to your house, the company is in Temecula. I had no idea so many options are available for mc lifts. If you have more FJR work coming your way in the next several months, I'm good with shipping to your house and letting you use until I need it (late winter, early spring, possibly even into next summer). If your world has changed with the HD job and you'll not be working FJR's as much, or at all, then I'll take custody and have it delivered to the Hondarosa.
     * GP Suspension - placed a call, left vmail asking about weight and whether or not full shipment was accomplished. I see it's due Wed.
Do you expect to have the laundry list accomplished by weekend of 9/7-8? If not, let me know what's been done and we can perform work triage. I understand your life is considerably more committed now with the new job, I get it, and all is good :) (Actually, I'm VERY happy for you!) 
I sure prefer to take KrZy8 due to better lights and fuel range, but if need be can take Wabs. If I take Wabs I need to get new tires and install the old Solteks. 
From the original list - items bolded are have more value to me, the rest can be done later if not already done.
Valve check
New Coolant Using distilled water
Brake fluid
New radiator hoses
Replace radiator I have the new one
Lubricate swingarm bearings
Lubricate Suspension pivot bearings
R and R suspension

Change hydraulic fluid in clutch
New headlight bulbs I have new bulbs
Lubricate shift mechanism
Lube center stand
Lube windscreen mechanism

Check brake pad wear replace as needed
Throttle body synchronization Using FredW  unauthorized technique
Barbarian jumper modification
Replace wheel bearings
Install new brake linkage From extreme Marine
Install rear brake lube zero fitting (no)
Headlight adjust mechanism Install new
Fuel pump for auxiliary gas tank
Service center stand
Clean air filter it's not that old
Pin  saddlebags
Repair auxiliary fuel tank
Lubricate side stand
Install remote audio control box
Lube u joint
Possible replacement with Galfer
Let me know.. 

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