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2013-09-02 WarmNSafe Gloves



Mike at WarmNSafe responded to my request for a larger gauntlet to fit the CyclePort BULKY jacket..The issue is that the CyclePort jacket sleeves, if wearing heated gear underneath, is much to bulky to fit into the WNS glove. The WNS glove is more effecient, makes more heat for lower current levels, than the TourMaster. But I can't get the freaking WNS  gauntlet over the jacket cuff!

Kudos to Mike for responding back to my inquiry. Seriously cool customer service.

I don't think the pix below need narrtive. Besides, I'm tired and need to get to sleep ASAP to face the workday tomorrow.

Mike, I hope this helps. I know at one time you and Wayne B were going to work in concert. Get one of his Kevlar jackets, wear your most excellent heated liner underneath, then try to fit a glove.

Serious Kudos to Mike and Warm and Safe.
This company ROCKS and Mike is a serious Rider.
Hey Mike, want a Candy Butt Ass number? :LOL:

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