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1940-ish Curtis Wright Trailer Model 2

1944-ish Curtis-Wright Model 2 Trailer

A local posted an ad - wanted, old trailers.

Guess what I have?

I just want it to go to a good home, be restored, and not be taken to the dump.

Original hitch, propane tank, regulator. (yikes!)

She sure ain't purty..

Original propane tank and regulator. (Yikes!)

Side view.

Original rims and tires flat on one side only... :)

The back side..

The entry side.
The entry side


The inside. The roof is toast.

Orignial interior.

Yeah, a little work is needed.

The roof again.

Original tag.

Last shot..

So there it is. In all her glory. Just can't take her to the dump...

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