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2013-10-12 AirHead BMW Campout and San Antonio Lake Empty

A Chance Meeting and RideUp for the Annual AirHead Roundup at Lake San Antonio, Ca.
Coming home from a dump run, battery recyclying, Oil recycling (35 gallons!) I saw a BumbleBee Rider on the side of road.
"All Ok?"
"Oh yeah, just heading up to the AirHead meet at San Antonio Lake"
"Oh Crap I think, didn't remember it, and not notice, either."

But first, breakfast! And what do I get to see?

I have never seen one of these cars in my 56 years of living, and it's koolio!

A Facel, from gay Parree.

After the stop for food in Atascadero, CA, up to San Antonio Lake.
Wow, was I surprised.
Ain't much water in San Antonio Lake these days..
...and the grape fuckers say we don't have a water issue.

Looks more like Death Valley in a wet Winter..

Boats? Jet Ski's? I don't think so.

Finally, to the campground, and it's a small turn out, at least early, well, not so early, on a Saturday.

Go ahead, tell me this isn't a beautiful motobike.
All oil for the valves are contained in the valve cover, separte from engine oil!

The rear 'shock' is a grease filled plunger.

My Bud, Russ Taylor.
Trust me on this, Mrs. Russ Taylor is tougher than a grade 8 bolt and up to any and all adventures on motobikes.

How low is the Lake?
Down to 5% level. Only 1 tributary feeds Lake San Antonio, it will take at least 2, 3 years, with good rain, to fill it again.}
And our so-called leaders in the county say we have no worries.

No problems with water, trust me..
Do NOT trust your elected officials.

Basham Point. Dry.

So then, with all the water gone, how much is my property worth?

Never before has it been this bad.

I fear my property, my life, my future, is done. Over. No water, no value. Why are only a few alarmed?

I'll take my chances on drowning...

Country Road, take me home.

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