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2013-11-29 Las Pilitas-HueroHuero

           A Sunset Ride
San Luis Obispo County

Las Pilitas Road / Huer Huero

I honestly think I live in the best riding area in all the United States.
We are blessed with warm and cold weather (100F+ and -18F)..
although the mean is more in the 70F range.

Multiple backroads meander back and forth across multiple mountain ridges.
The ocean is only ~50miles away from this pix - yet they are worlds apart.

Most back roads in my hood have no centerline.
And they are infested with 1 ton trucks hauling trailers, and deer.
Lots of Deer.
Meaning if you want to stay alive,
in Toecutters's famous quote -
Ride Right to Stay Alive!

If you do, you can safely enjoy a sunset ride like today.

This is Las Pilitas road.
In the early 80's this area burned to the ground.
Today though, it's beautiful.

The Old Bridge.

If my math is right, 96 years old?
Not as beautiful as an old covered bridge as in NERDS land..
But then again, did I mention it's 65 degrees F?

If memory serves me, this bridge was abandoned about 5 years ago.
A fine, new concrete, souless bridges replaces her.

Rumor has it that all the ducks on this stream demanded full Union wages to be photographed.. and split when I didn't pay.
You have to trust me, really, there were ducks on the proverbial pond. :)

I am not a tree hugger - but I do appreciate old things still living and working well.
See my tag line.

Do you see the block and tackle that now strangles this tree?
Maybe I AM a tree hugger - that chain is choking the future life out of this georguos tree.

Whoever owns this cabin has done a wonderful job to bring it back to life.
Just 3 or so years ago, it was really run-down, now she has life.
I like the two front easy chairs on the porch - perfect for sitting outside, sipping a brandy, and listening to the silence of the hills

Just down the 'driveway' is the shop.
Yes, it's still a work in progress, LOL.

Previoulsy, I mentioned deer.. Turkeys too.
Lots of turkeys.
If you are dumbass turkey, you end up on sign like this one.

I live in a geographially 'live' area. That means we have lots of energy undergound. As in EarthQuake volatility.
and it leads to beautiful formations like this, too.
Sincere apologies to geologists who might debunk my statement above! :fuck:

Finally, a Safety Message from San Luis Obispo County to you -
Wherever you might live, just remember
Speed Kills!

Thank You for Reading - dcarver

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