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2013-12-02 San Ramon - Nicks Boots


So then, I have yet another pair of boots with blown out zippers. Why they put zippers into MC boots I don't know. They all seem to fail after a season or two. Are expected to replace boots every season? Or do 'they' plan for the seasons to be short, like back East, and not in the West where we ride year round?

So, tomorrow, I'm off to San Ramon to deliver a pair of boots to Nicks Boots. One of the few boot repair places in Calif that can actually fix MC boots.
And Nick is a hoot.
Nick has boots.

An unusual cold front of northern air prevented this Candy Butt from an early start.
Besides, early starts are highly over-rated. Sorry, Old Michael.

Like a caged beast, KrZy8 awaits.
I like the amount of reflective on the 6' side as my biggest fear is getting clocked and not seeing it coming.
If and when I go, I want to see it.

Decided to take as many back roads as possible.
Interstates are overrated
Although blurry, I kept this pix to represent all the So Cal big $$$ peeps moving into the 'affordable' country.
I really wish they had stayed home.

This is much more to my liking.
Dirt Vs. Pavement,
a Pumpkin to greet.

My bud owns this joint. He tried to put in a MX track but got shot down by so-called neighbors.
His wife is into horses, and the county permitting suddenly was A-OK.

My Ride - today.
Live the moment.
Moments tend to fade away.

Just north of Paso Robles, CA, Indian Valley Road.
I do NOT apologize for the road being named Indian Valley.

On top of the duffel, the boots for Nick to repair.

I love this time of year.
Full colors in the central Kali coast.
Sure, not as pretty/glorious as further East..
but at least I'm still Riding!

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

The real issue?
This should be be green by now..
Horrible drought.

Then again, it's great riding weather.. 

On Indian Valley Road, what I call the Little Grand Canyon.

I've passed by this signpost too may times now.
..and now I pass by again.

All of those hills, should be green by now.

Passing by, again. Why?

Suddenly, civilization and concrete and traffic.

The RR transitions to the ride back home.
The company coolaid compete, and I need a new route home.
How about down the coast? The road should be clear of lumbering motorhomes, it just might RAWK!

As some know, I work at a Nuclear power plant.
We make electrcity.
My company used to own this non-nuke plant, Moss Landing.

Every power producer consumes one form of energy to make something called a generator turn in circles, enabling you to live a non 3rd world life.
Across the street from Moss Landing power plant, a simpler life exists.
Yet, each boat consumes energy too.
It's a fact of life, get over it.

The mighty Moss.

Highway 1 in December is freaking Faboulus.!~
Few to zero motorhomes blocking the ride..

To the North..

..and South.

My little and inexpensive point and shoot camera draws weary.
This panoramic, much more beautiful than shown below.
I need to up the game with pix quality.

It's kind of funny, in a sad way, how sometimes the most bitchen road opportunities don't match your riding skills of the day.
Such was today.
Little rhythm, few Skooping skills.
Just a 'Off Ride'

Which is why I so like this pix.
Ever had a day/ride where things were just one step in front of you?
But you could keep up?
But not fully RAWK it?
Such was today.

These pix to show how open Highway1 was one..

Ok, I'm feeling the groove now..

This tunnel...
Has to be at least a million dollars..

..and the most valuable piece of the million dollar tunnel?

I wonder why, of all places, this one gets the dollars?

The day draws long, a I rode the long way home, and darkness, loneliness, awaits.
Say goodbye, sunlight, you done good.
I'll carry on in the nemesis of your darkness and make it home.

Good night, fellow Riders.

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