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2013-12-28 Far Western Tavern RTE

Dean Tanji posted up on the FjrForum LD site..
"11th Annual West Coast “Because We Can” Ride-To-Eat SoCal’s LD Riders Last Ride Of the Year"

I decided to go.
This is the first time at the Far West Tavern's new location - besides, it's close to home, so no CBA rules would be broken.

Let me explain that for me, these meets are kind of weird. I don't get it. Most of these riders are hard core, genuine IBA types. 
And they live in their own click. 
If you don't rally, chances are they don't know you. 
If they don't know you, they aren't likely to just walk up and say 'Hey, howya doing?'
At least that's my perspective.
As such, looking in from the outside, I know that many of these old farts have ridden motobikes farther, longer, than I can fathom. 
If I knew their faces and names, it would mean much more.
But I don't.
I'm the CandyButtAssociation face.

I arrived late, as per Candy Butt Association form.
Hey, I had things to do, like sleep in late.
On top of that, using my true CBA navigation skills, did not recognize that the event wasn't in Arroyo Grande, but rather Orcutt. 
About 30 minutes difference. Oh well, it's all good.

That's Dean, talking to someone I don't know.

Now that I have the people segment covered, let's get to the bikes. 
Most of the time, I find more fun looking at the bikes anyway. 

Evidently, IBA peeps love stickers and funny license plate frames for their rides.

Like any good tribe, the common bond of community identification abounds.
It's not a bad thing, it's actually Coolio. 
I recognize the 'What I'm about to do' sticker for John Ryan, RIP.

One of the few rides w/o some kind of IBA purchased nomenclature.. 

Let's test the theory of bravadooo on the back plaste syndrome.. 
But the 10n10 is Coolio, so the CBA grants a Pass to this rider! 

Here's another item of interest. 
I looked at EVERY rear tire at this RTE and non had wear on the edges. 
At least KrZy8 wears the sides out prior to the center. 
These peeps are I-XX gurus of staying awake for long time durations, evidently.

Apparently, I'm full of shit, yes?
The backside of KrZy8.
At least her tires are round and scuffed well into the Chicken Strips!

Dean Tanji's ride.

This is really a good idea. Dean's helmet. 
I've blocked out what I considered to be personal information in public display on the motobike because I just feel that's the right to do.
Except for those with personalized plates, which are fair game.

Dean must have been the first one to arrive, he got the princess parking spot.

Love the WW2 attitude!

Donde esta Killroy?

No clue as to Spanish on Aux Tank but full clue to the tire wear.. 

I've read that these knobbie tires offer much better service life than TK-80's. 

Exactly the wear all of my  Bill Mayer seats has done.. 

I would really like to meet this rider. This BlackBird is ridden. I like it. 

Of all the pix to blurry.. Fuck me tender. This guy had the best bike in parking lot.

Wings are Big.

Look how easy to mount the aux tank!


This FJR.. Farkled and ridden to the max.
With the WARNING sticker on the gas tank?
What up, Homie?

Nice ST1300.

Factory sponsored rider?

Ulewz made it! Sorry I didn't meet you again. I only went upstairs for a pix, no seats were left, so went and looked at the bikes.

Guess I need to visit the website.. 

Good to see Soltek HID;s  on an FJR.
Just beware of front subrame breakage.
It's just a matter of time.

I think this is a Sampson tail dragger aux tank. 
I've not really ever understood the advantages of such.
Looks like alot weight carried by what?
..and if the tank overflows the exhaust is right there to ignite it?
Just wondering. 
Oh, and yeah, nice rounded profile on the tire, too! 

I was surprised and proud by the number of Harley's here. 
A fellow named Doug and I had a good talk. 
He had ridden to the RTE from Washington and was headed to Georgia.
200k on his HD. 
With lifetime free tire support!

I don't necessarily like BMW's but this is an impressive front end.

Porbalby, some famous IBR guy rides this bike. 
Me, I don't know. 
I did recongnize 'We were stupid first' decal for a SS1K run in LA.

OK, this bike gets my 'Best Bike of 2013 RTE, FarWestTavern' vote. 

And I leave with this..
This is very intriguing. A SS1K in each of the states?
Now that's some bragging rights.. 
And truly an accomplishment even a Candy Butt Association president can endorse.


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