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2014-07-09 Western Fjr RoundUp, Sparks Nevada

2014-07-09 Western Fjr RoundUp Sparks, Nevada - Day One, Creston, Ca to Sparks

Used an old trick..set the GPS to no highways, dirt roads, Interstates, toll roads, and you get the idea. Punch in 3 way points to the final destination and let it rock. 
Then just ride.

You end up in places like this.. :)

And find coolio Andrew barns everywhere.
What caught my eye were the roof panels.. This guy didn't have the coin to buy long and expensive, fancy-assed panels...
So he used what he had. 


Check the temp gauge. This was just the start..

Into Yosemite via a very fun, long-way-around route that included 41 to 49 back to 41 via Triangle Road and some other connectors... 
No Interstates, no  highways. 
My new motto.

This area burned, what, about 10 years ago? Disappointed to see it hasn't fully recovered. 

Ahhh, this is better.

Yosemite may be dry and trampled by tourists but she still is pretty.

For July in a drought year, not too shabby...

After a wonderful morning and early afternoon ride, reality set in..
I'd almost CBA dawdled away an entire day and I still had miles to ride.

On the other hand, phuck it. 
A Walker's Burger Awaits Me!

Interestingly enough, Walker, CA did not show on my Zumo 550 with current maps. 
But the burger bar did! 

Last pix of day one.
Time to put the camera down and put some CBA penalty points into the coffers..


I've always wanted to visit the IBA memorial near Gerlach, Nevada. Today was the day. Yesterday afternoon, Brodie showed interest in riding there too so plans were made for KSU at CBA leisurely pace of 0900. No need to rush the day - although all weather reports indicated this would be one HOT ride, as in triple digit temps.

I'll start with the end. Here is Gerlach, getting a well deserved TwoWheelNut salute.

And a selfie up at the memorial.

Now to the start of the ride. This is Brodie and his replacement AE. His other FJR ended up in a car. Fortunately, Brodie survived, albeit with some life-changing perspectives. Really good to see and ride with Brodie.

Brodie also likes to stop, read, take in the history of an area. We make good riding buds.

The geography reminded me of Death Valley, but with water. Nearby, Pyramid lake, and in a mind-warp, truly a river runs through it. The Truckee river is to the left. It actually feeds pyramid Lake.  Pyramid Lake is a terminus lake meaning that the river stops there.

"They will come like the sand in a whirlwind and drive you from your home." 
It reminded me of Gen. Yamamoto after the invasion of Pearl Harbor who said words to the effect that I fear all we have done is to awaken sleeping giant to fill him with a horrible resolve.
But  this is different.  These people were here first. And it was my people who were invading them.

Yesterday's ride was in the curves, and my carpal tunnel wrists began to hurt. It was nice to have some straightaways give those aching wrists a chance to heal.

Saw this old house. I often wondered why people would build a house and then just let it go...


When riding in the west it's really easy to speed. But as you can see the CHP had their drone in the air. Sure, it looks like a bird... :)


This is what a high desert typically looks like - dry brown and hot..

So then what is all this green stuff doing out here in the desert?

The view to the right shows dry.

Dog rock.  I did not get a picture of the front but people have painted a nose, eyes and eyebrows on it. Pretty coolio.

Some people may say this is ugly. Not me. I think this is downright beautiful.

Brody and I had talked before we left and settled upon comfortable speeds, passing on a double yellow and so forth.. Turns out with traffic like this we didn't have to pass against the double yellow.

As we climbed over one ridge, the terrain changed dramatically.

And once again we were into dry and brown.

We stopped in Gerlock Bruno's and got some dessert.  Eat your heart out pops!

Yes it was as good as it looks!

Good and luscious.

Too bad this picture is blurry.  Here Brody sits with his iPhone, iPad trying to figure out where the memorial is. Google maps, Google earth and finally we think we find it.
It looks like it's about 3 miles out of town..

But first the obligatory picture to prove we were there.

And that's why they call it Girl Lack!
By the way somebody needs to ask Brody what happened at the center of the universe! :)


Brodie in Gerlach! A video


The infamous Bruno's!

On the iPads we have seen this on Google earth.. Were walking around taking pictures but something doesn't seem right.. Where is all the iron butt association stuff?

We soon realize we're at the wrong stinking Memorial!

Is still pretty cool though!

These are words of wisdom.

Crazy eight praying to the playa.

This is much better finally memorial.

It hit me hard that so many long-distance riders have died given the small population of riders..

There were some markers downhill from the actual memorial. I didn't recognize many of the names and wasn't sure if these people were long-distance riders or not.

Although I am pretty sure this guy is not a long distance rider... 
I sayI say that because I am a phfart smeller!

Then I see this name and I recognize Ardie.

This one got Brody laughing..

I still do not know if all of these have been Long distance riders or if the association set up camp where others had already started.

KrZy8 at the memorial.

This weather station is never wrong. Trust me.

Approaching the memorial.

I remember reading the poison thread on the FJR forum. The poster recalled A note yet seen and read while at the memorial. Here it is.

The bench where the note is.

Here is the note.  I do not know who the author is. But it sure was nice.

Somebody on the FJR forum soon to look under the stones. But I might find pictures of some FJR riders. 

And so I did.  But it did not feel right to me. It was as if I was violating privacy. So I stopped.

Past iron but rally winners. For some reason my name is not there.

Here is a good demonstration of what heat and sunshine can do to epoxies.

At first I thought this was scooterG. Then realized it was about a dog!

Somebody has gone to a lot of work to make this a very nice memorial. Or a group of people. I do appreciate them. Thank you.

I really like this one.

I have started to count the number of names but then decided not too.

That guy named BikerGeek is everywhere!

This was a strange moment.. My posture here what to say I finally made it.. Another thing off the proverbial bucket list.
Then Brody has to take his picture. And when I did he took his hat off, covered his heart in a total show of respect.
Suddenly I feel like an asshole. And realized that too many this is a sacred shrine. For the candy but association president to show anything less than total respect was not my intention.
So I requested Brody to take another picture.

There this picture feels better.

On the way out of the dirt road I found that Elvis is still in the house!

Back into Gerlach, I took some pictures of the town. Here is where I discovered that the burning Man event happens on the same playa!

I think Ignacio needs to challenge Ms. Herman for County commissioner!

Hey it's a fixer-upper.  I wonder what the price tag is?

If nothing else, put up a good front!

Oh no, is Bruno's really for sale?

I am going to assume that this is really water tank that supplies the town Gerlach..

We returned the same way we came.  Riding up to Alturas and back to Sparks would've had us back at the hotel after dark.

If you've not been on the road before going back the same way you came isn't necessarily a bad thing.

For some reason every time I get out of California the miles per gallon increase even when running at higher speeds.

The clouds provided some temperature relief and made for a nice ride.

Brody in the background. 

In true Candy butt Association style we decided to stop at the museum..

The runoff from the roof is channeled in a very unique way..

The Paiute Indians have much to be proud of.

Anybody know what A.L. stands for?

This is a picture of burning Man on the playa. Hard to believe that many people in one area in the desert in the hot running around naked while high priority, marijuana, alcohol.

The dead and caged Eagle wishes to soar again.

Periodically one realizes how fortunate and easy of life we have.

I'm not sure what to think about this picture.. 

I have often wondered how native Indians attached arrowheads to arrows.  Today, I found out!

Leaving the museum, we found Sasquatch made of wire.

And we found another long legged Galut too!

Very good Moto biking with you Brody!  
This was the best motorbike ride of the entire weekend!


2014-07-11 Day 3 - GardnerVille,Minden,Tahoe
Old Stompin' Grounds

More more riders appear for the Western FJR RoundUp. Here is Steve and Cindy on their new to them Honda GoldWing. 
If I am not mistaken that's Phil and Charlene otherwise known as WeLuvBikin.. Or something like that

Carson City, Minden, and Gardnerville are all areas I know well. For many years my dad, my uncle, and my cousin traveled to see the Reno air races. My best friend Charlie had a business in Garderniville.
For many years I wanted to move up to this area.  It gets just a little bit of snow and has some fantastic Moto bike riding. 
Recently, one of our own has moved into Carson City, and that person is Highlander.

This is Scotts Valley. It parallels highway 395 just to the west. Many years ago I investigated purchasing property here. Now, I wish I had, as property values have gone up the roof..

Genoa, Nevada, is home to a very famous establishment...

No, not the cemetery. Every town has a cemetery..

And, no, not the volunteer fire department either. Every town has a fire department.

Finally, we find out the true interest of the Carver. It is the oldest watering hole and brothel in Nevada. Otherwise known as the Genoa bar.

The last time I was here was in 2006. FJR forum was holding NAFO. Little did I know that the big event at big hotels was soon to end. 
My best friend Charlie had a special moment here, many years ago.
This place used to be run by family named the Carvers.
I met them several times, and we discussed family, only to determine we could not find the family tree.
Nevertheless, as a result of having the same last name, they always give me free beer~!

This watering hole, it's very much like the one I have in my hood, call the Pozo saloon.

The guy in the hat, like me, has been sipping a brew or two for over 30 years here at the Genoa bar.

As it turns out, the family running the bar died about 14 years ago.  The current owners are doing a good job in keeping the history alive.

The door marked private used to go to a place where you can buy T-shirts and whatnot..

This is Ellen.. I tried to sneak a picture without her knowing. Too bad it turned out blurry. She is one of the family now running the bar.

Some of you may remember turbo Dave. Turbo used to be more active on the forum. He rode in the iron butt rally several years ago. 
Dave is one of my heroes. And I need to do more to stay in contact with him. 
Dave, is also an E Clampus Vitus enthusiast. To say he is a member is in adequate. 
When Dave found out that the head chief in charge was called the Royal humbug or something like that he was hooked.

This picture is for Dave.

And this picture is for BeemerDons. Tell me that this picture taken in the 1800s is it just downright sexy..

The Genoa bar is literally falling down. If you have any opportunity to visit I sincerely suggest that you do. Make it a part of your bucket list.

Exiting the bar we find the rest of Genoa.

Including this Chevrolet Corvair. So what's interesting about this Chevrolet corvair? Check out the license plate... Crown V8..

Yes, this guy has shoehorned in A Chevrolet V8 engine into a Corvair. The most unsafe car in America. According to Ralph Nader. Personally, I think it's pretty damn cool. 
At 16 years old, I just got my drivers license, my brother let me drive his turbo charged corvair.
It was a manual transmission and it wasn't very good with the clutch. Unfortunately I smoked that clutch beyond belief.

Yes, this is a good place to see.

Another favorite spot of mine, is Wallys resort. I was shocked however, to see what it turned into. What used to be a rustic and quaint place to visit has turned into a major tourist trap.
At first, I did not recognize any of it.

Either this owner is making a fortune off of tourists, or he is going broke. 

I realize that change is inevitable. But to see total commercialism sucks.

And, if you ever here, stay away from this water crossing. It is full of moss as slippery as shit. Well, actually, it is a slippery as moss living in 100° F water temperature.
I saw it and said to myself, "this is what crashed out Hans, I need to be careful."
So I went through slowly, and nearly crashed anyway. 

The entire valley is very pretty. Water does not appear to be a problem. Although I know it is - The entire West is in a drought situation. 

I took these pictures, and actually rode out of my way to take these for my buddy Charlie D. I'm sure he will look at these pictures and be thankful he is where he is now...

Up until now, I have never heard of SBUD beer..

Charlie's brother, Ralph, loved this place. He would always say "SHARKEYS!" 
I am not sure, I think Ralph is passed on now. I like Ralph. 
If you have ever seen the television show blue bloods, you know Ralph.

Meet Bill. I ran into him at the McDonald's in Gardnerville. Bill is in the National Guard, and close to retirement.  Like me he is a supervisor of a technical crew.
We had a lot of common. I should've gotten his phone number.
He is one of those guys who you instantly like and think could be a good friend. 
I wish Bill the best..

Down the hill..

And into the Wahsho lake area.

It looks really nice, Yes?

What you do not see, are the millions of little flying insects waiting to bite you..

Washoe LakeIs just east of 395 and parallels. If you have a chance, ride the road. It's a nice area.

KrZy8 looking good in the late afternoon sunshine..

Heading north on highway 395, the old 395, I spot a gazebo at the top of a hill and wonder who wants that..

To the west, is the new highway. I do not recall the highway name.

Here's another picture of the new bridge on the new highway.

To any locals of the area have a clue as to what this sign means?

For many years, the local people complained of speeding drivers and drunk drivers going through their communities.
Now that the new highway is in place, it appears that many businesses are going out of business.
Be careful what you ask for.

The highlight of the day was rainbow!

Followed by a very patriotic American, flying the flag. Today has been a very good day.


WesternFJRsSparksNV/2014-07-12 Day 4 Highlander,FJRRay


Let's start off with the gory. NightShine, name of Sam, had an off-road excursion.

 Sam was relatively okay, right arm in a sling if I recall correctly. He said the cycle port gear worked very well..

I think it was Festar, the Australian bloke, and big JohnD who made sure that Sam made it back home.

I think this motorbike is toast..

And here is the start of the morning.. Tyler is trying to find Cindy.. So they can go shopping.. Dave, who arrived late, he has no idea where his wife is..

Finally we get on the road.. I chose a bad path today. It was too many miles for too little to see. 
This is red rock Road. If you ever want to see the Reno air races this is your exit..
Assuming of course, you do not want to sit in the stands but would rather have the war birds fly over your head less than 100 feet..

And this is the problem resulting from overpopulation of an airport area. If a warbird crashes the news media goes crazy and yet the airport was there first. 
I saw the same thing in Los Angeles with the LA international airport.
They actually bought homeowners out who were happy but, who had bought after the airport was in place.

After about 30 minutes into this ride, I realized I had made a mistake. Oh well. Make of it what you can.

It was kind of funny.. Me the lead.. FjRay on the Hondapatumus, followed by Highlander..

For those of you who do not know Highlander, he likes to go fast. This ride was not fast.. And I could see the tension building.. 

I have to admit, it was a long ways to go, for little scenery..

Highlander, chomping at the bit.. Let me GOOOOO!

Oh, and look at that open road ahead..

It was disturbing to see the number of trees dying or dead.

It was also disturbing to be behind slow ass cars..

I am not sure what my riding partners thought, but at the park it was beautiful...

My first ride through the park there was snow. At first I thought this was snow. But no. Not even yellow snow.

At this point I am enjoying the ride. But I'm wondering what my riding buddies are thinking,..

Lassen Park is very pretty.. Even a summer. But not nearly as much as in early spring.

I often wonder who these riders are who pass me on lonely highways and might they be lifelong friends if only we had an opportunity to talk and not just wave on the open road...

Fortunately I know this rider, and now, he is a good friend of mine.

The same, with this badass, Highlander..

Every motorbike ride has a finish..

And this one draws nigh.

The last picture.. Is of HoneyLake Motor cross park.. I achieved Second place on the hardest trackI've ever written several years ago..


The end for now...


2014-07-14 Day 5 - Sparks to Creston

Decided to get early start and try to beat the heat. Believe it or not I was on the road by 5:15 in the morning.. Take that Old Michael!

I decided to skip breakfast and get rolling. I recall my friend the big rig truck driver, you always said, if the wheels are turning your not making money.
And I do have to admit the early morning sunshine really is spectacular.

I have decided to run highway 395 southbound until highway 78 West across Lake Isabella.

I was getting pretty hungry. And frankly it was cold. When I left Sparks it was 75°F.  Here it was 60F and I'm wearing mesh gear. I kept laughing to myself soon I wish I could be cool again..

From Walker until Bridgeport California, no restaurants were open. In Bridgeport I Hays Street Cafe. Lucky me.!

This is a family restaurant. Food made from scratch.. Very good.

The guy standing is the restaurant owner. As you can see we have dirt bike riders, ranchers, Street bike riders, and pirate (Harley) riders.

Check out the variety of motorcycles in the parking lot..

Back on the road making tracks.

This is hiway 395 southbound, the sign ahead is the Mammoth turn off.

I passed this guy after breakfast... And I had asked him earlier too!

Like Isabella is way down on water.

The water no longer reaches the dam.

Finally on old stomping grounds. Reward Road leads to 58 to home.

Shortly after this pix, some sportbike riders saved my bacon...

Riding home from WesternFjrRoundup.. Hot. As  in 113F hot. 


..finally hit 'home turf'. 

every corner, known.


Wick it Up, Baby!


At well past a buck20, round the sweeper, 

two serious looking sport riders (full leathers, knee pucks, you know the look)

are BOTH giving me the *frantic* tap the helmet FUCK doode, slow down, LEO ahead!


The first sporty must have grinned as he saw me grenade the brakes..

typical behavior - front fork dive, headlight dipping...


The second sporty - he must have been giggling in his helmet as he saw my thumbs-up;

"I get it, THANK YOU!"


Let's just say these two fine riders saved my Candy Butt Bacon today.


So, whoever, wherever you live and or ride, 


Thank You.


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