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2014-09-05 RuebenRun3-RidingTheRoid

Riding the Roid to RuebenRun3, 2014-09-05

Sometimes, well, things just don't go the way you want to. Or stay inside the way you want to. Having to stop every 20 minutes or soo... to use the nice, soft, fragrant TP of service stations, will lead too, well, uh, not happiness. Welcome to riding the 'Roid...

Butt <pun intended> this guy had a worse day than me..

Why am I down to this horrible MPG?

Flat tire, maybe?

Yep, leaving the rest stop the rear went north-West while the front went North.

The cultprit.

The fix. Always carry plugs, glue, air compressor...

Oh CRAP. Air compressor end shattered when it hit the ground. Fortunately, the plug was holding air..

I expect this from the Pirate Crowd, not BMW Weenies..

Every rest stop is a sampling of the TP.. Not Charmin, I guarantee you..

This is on 97N, just Norte of I-5.

This guy was a hoot... We both stopped at a gas stop in Weed, CA. He mentioned that the ClearWater lights I run were 'outstanding' and wants to put them on his Wing. I appreciate his sense of humor...

I5 is so boring.. just shoot me, really. But then, well Norte de Weed, it gets better.

Welcome to Oregon. Don't Californiacate Oregon.

At some point in time, on a tough ride, something ALWAYS happens that triggers a ThankFul response... this time, the train.

Upper Klamath Lake. Home of really big GREEN  bugs.

Made it. Phil and CHARLENE, <welovebikin>with Joseph, <mcml>. Nice socks, MCML...

The following day.. somewhat Wimpy due to dehydradition..
A small ride to Bachelor, a ski resort. Found a nice table in the parking lot and made it home. Subway sammywitch, some water.. and felt I had turned the tide on the Roid.

KrZy8 says... give me TKC80's knobbies and I'll climb that bitch!

The early riding birds left well before the CBA prez woke up.. Screw them. So  I rode the route backwards to find them. What a bunchs of losers. Good thing they had lots of Gen 2's for me to take parts from while they...

Gawked at various mountain peaks...

The next day, found a road named after my most favorite peep!

Here ya go T!

Finally, ran into 'Toe' <thinking of ToeCutter here> the Early Bird Group!
FjRay and Ken H...

Back at the Hotel...Mark, <L> Joseph <C> and MadMike <R> prepre to clean KrZy8. NOT!

On Saturday, the Poker Run! Sponsored by a local group <Scootr?> who gives 100% of all donations to local and less fortunate kids in the Southern Deschautres county area. I spoke with each volunteer at the 7 checkpoints and was impressed with their dedication to service..  PokerPoint1.

The road to Paulina is nice..

Here is forum member 'Winshot'.. I found old Wingshot at Poker Point1.. he had missed it and ridden all the way Mt. Bachelor.. to turn around and ride down the hilll to get the poker hand..

The veiw ahead..

PokerPoint 2 revealed this nice Indian..

Wingshot waits while the PokerPoint2 people wave~!


Two of the nicest bikes I saw over the weekend....

Yes, they sounded GREAT when the left the lot..

Mr. WingShot flips the bird..

When FJRay finishes the KZ1300, I'm bringing the camper, trailer, fjr, and dl650 to this spot then hang out for a week or so..

A view of the lake..

Next to last PokerPoint.. This guy... hardcore..

Sheepskin cover for a L-U-X-U-R-I-O-O-U-S ride..

What does 'Unique' dining room *really* mean?

I understand most fjr peeps don't get this.. but I do..

Later, on to the saga of DudeWado, John. Last year, he totaled his fjr when avoiding a deer. This year, it got run over by a SUV.
If this guy had no bad luck...
I wonder if we will see him for the next RR in a tank?

3 months old...


That ain't going to rub out..

No.. not good.

Broken subrframe under mirror..


Early start home, Sunday. KSU 0415.

Chilly ride to sunup..
Heated jacket, gloves.. not so heated.
Ventilated boots, skinny socks, working really good...

and the deer population on 97 North of La Pine, Or?
Fucking Incredible. Countless deer splats on the road.
I spotted over 25 'herds' of 3 or more..
So I slowed the speed factor WAAAY down..

So happy to see daybreak.

Kali awaits me!

This guy.. in Uhaul rental.. would not be denied.. he was running at >90 mph, pushing peeps outta da way.. He was a wonderful rabbit to follow...

The ending numbers... 17684 over 4 days. 1 very long day to arrive, 2 wonderful days of fun, 1 fast ride home..
Very well worth every moment to support the RR3 and the Scootr organization...

From below freezing to this one day..

The odo, not re-set since last year...

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