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2014-11-28 Black Friday Local Ride

Black Friday, 2014 11-28 - A Local Ride

So let's see now, go shopping or go riding? Kinda a no-brainer, yes?

On the central Calif coast, we don't get the back east, jaw-dropping foliage. But there is beauty, just in different shades.
Even the water sucking, good for nothing wineries look good this time of year. 
In this area, 2+ drought years, coupled with unprecedented pumping of the aquifer by grape ass-holes and water bankers has led to severe and permanent damage. 

IMHO, everyone should live off a dirt road. It keeps you connected with MomEarth.

This is Atascadero Lake, the civic pride of Atascadero. In Spanish, Atascadero means 'Mud Hole'.

All the peeps at lake edge paid premium dollars. Needless to say, property values have taken a severe hit. When the water is truly gone, who knows what will happen? In the meantime, just keep pumping from underground, as if nothing is wrong at all. Keep on ripping the ground and putting in thousands of acres of grapes. If you're a wine drinker, do me a favor and switch to whiskey? Whiskey requires much less water to produce the final product.

Years ago, I lived in the second story of this house.  Wonderful to see the old house is still being taken care of.

Naciamento Lake. We sure could use some rain..

Some color... I had stopped at Lake San Antonio, but they wanted a full 'day permit' fee and I did not feel like paying. Hey, it's Black Friday.. they could have at least given a discount!

This is a lake. San Antonio lake, to be exact. TwoWheelNut, Orangevale FJR, Barabus and I were swimming in this very area one year years ago...

Pano shot..

KrZy8, still alive after all these years due to very good friends like Fairlaner and FjRay who helped transplant a 2008 engine into the 2006 chassis. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I give Thanks to those two often!

This Thanksgiving, my heart has been heavy. For some reason, months later, I'm truly missing my Pops. And to save my life, I can't remember the little prayer he said at every meal and the special prayer he always said at Thanksgiving.

Leaving Pleyto and Lake San Antonio.

Different grape vines throw different colors. Some are very dark and not pretty at all. These kinda look nice.

Finally, I find standing water. This stagnant pond is always there, it must be a hot spring or natural spring of some sort. I've never seen the water look fresh and clean, though.

Like a Bridge, over Troubled Waters, I will ride across!

The prettiest valley in the Paso Robles / Templeton area I know of..

A big, old, Oak. Yellows and greens, chased by red vines. Nice.

If this tree had a name, it would be RadioHowie! Old and gnarled, cranky and bent.

Found this road just in time for James Taylor's 'Country Road' in the earbuds. Great timing!

A canopy of scrub Oaks. This is Santa Rita Old Creek Road in Templeton, CA.

If you want to build a shed, and not cut the tree, this is what you do!

I wonder how old this Oak tree is? 100 plus years?

Saw these two old Allis-Chamlers and had to take a pix. I have old AC that someday will be rebuilt...


All in all, a wonderful 135 miles at an average of less than 30 mph. Truly a worthy CBA day. 
Everyone should CBA their rides to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Thanks for looking. 



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