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2014-12-07 Paso Templeton SantaMargarita, Kali

With daylight in short supply, and ever increasing demands on my personal time, which I am steaming to a full hatred, it was time to release some steam. Even if constraints dictated a short ride, with work-related stops. Sometimes, a little something is better than a whole lot of nothing. So make hay while the sunshines and go ride, dcarver. Just Ride.

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day, but there was a dump run, a Christmas tree to be bought <ok by me, this year we have a LIVE, wonderful smelling tree!> and other shit to do.
Today broke cold, foggy, damp. 

Just ride dCarver, just Ride.

This is the stud farm once owned by Alec Trebec, of Jeopardy fame. Hope I sphulled his name write. That awesome building the background is the foaling barn, not the house.

A look back from where I earlier rode. Notice the traffic and snow everywhere.

A closer view of the foaling barn. Think about it, how many babies horses are you planning to produce with a barn this big?

Just up the road, you see roadside view of Eagle Creek ranch. Some guy who fancies himself a singer once owned it. Who was it? Kenny Rogers. It's for sale, if you have millions at the ready.

The bigger view.

I don't know enough  about trees. Why do some, that look EXACTLY like another, throw pure orange while another throws brown, dull colors?

Looking at the west view of rural Paso Robles, CA now, heading south into Templeton. All San Luis Obispo County. This reminds me of pix surrounding the Snake.

Heading into Templeton, CA, on yet another backroad. Yes, it IS that green still. 

I appreciate metalwork, especially on gates. This winery wins the best gate contest, hands down.

And now, a quickie tour of my hood. This is the Loading  Chute. Great food. Steak, pizza, burgers. Surprisingly good food given the very rural location.

The General Store Recently purchased by some folks from BerZerkley or something. It will be interesting to see how they do. Lots o' pink on the Christmas tree, just sayin'.

Our post office. The folks working in there know EVERYONE, good and bad. 

..and yes, we in Creston have a Nativity scene. If you don't like it, blow me. I'm not particulary religious, but I like the fact we in the back woods of Creston don't always follow the current politically correct El Torr-Poo-Poo.

Followed by the Long Branch. No steaks here. Just burgers, fish n' chips, n beer. This is the local hangout.

The first thing I see in this pix is the 60's vintage Chevy pickup. You?

This is where we pickup our Creston moonshine. It's really good, and not too pricey. You have to know the code though, otherwise the door will NOT open.

After purchasing the shine, you might need to attend church. This is the original church.

Across the way, the elementary school. We have it ALL in Creston!

OK, it aint no Liberty Bell, but we have school bell to ring, damnit!

Some folks in town know how to read, so it's nice to have a library where you can borrow these things called books.

The new church. I've not been inside, so can't tell you how it's better, nicer than old church. I do like, and have been inside, the old church. For a church service, of all the freaking reasons.

This is the way a church is supposed to look!

Our 'community center' which used to house the volunteer fire department. The volunteers have been kicked out by 'professionals', but that's another story.

We have a community garden. It's really coolio, completely supported by donation and volunteer help. No government subsidy. Just folks.

Yes, the community garden is on a dirt road. Nice. The way it's supposed to be.

..and finally, the most important tree in Creston, as far as I'm concenrd.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my county and burg.

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