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2014-12-24 Christmas Eve Commute

The employer let us off at noon, so I maximized the opportunity to find some dirt and other back roads on the 'commute' home

Pavement ends? Pffft. I RACE dirt bikes. What could *possibly* go wrong?

This is See Canyon road. It cuts across the mountain top that divides Avila Beach, CA from San Luis Obispo, Ca. This is as bad as the road gets. Trust me. Would I steer you wrong?

At the top now. That's not the ocean below, just clouds. This barn for Andrew, as the tradition continues.

Heading down the hill. San Luis Obispo, CA is to the right. Better pix to follow.

Pano shot..

It has been a very long time since we've been this green. The drought has prevented this level of lushness for the last 3 years. Really nice to see green.

San Luis Obispo can barely be seen at the 1 o'clock position in this pix.


Given the degree of green sprouting everywhere, I thought perhaps the proverbial pundits might be correct - that the last batch of rain had truly started to swing the drought from horrible bad to not-so-bad.
So I headed up to Lopez resevoir to take a look. Lopez is strictly for providing potable water to the civilization in San Luis Obispo, so no humans are allowed in the water. Humans pee. And poop. 

This is heading to the boat launch area, or southern end of Lopez. The lady at the  front gate was nice enough to let me in for 15 minutes, no charge.

Well, umm, hmm. Looking pretty, but barren. That water should be where I parked the bike.. not waaaaay down there.


I suppose we won't get strict on water use until the city of San Luis Obispo has no water for folks. Then the shit will hit the fan. I believe that it takes pain before companies and governments finally make good decisions.
And don't take this thread into the gutter please.

KrZy8, resplendent on a winters day. She has a leaky gasket on the cam chain tensioner housing that's making a mess. But not enough to worry about for now....

Wow, I still have time. Let's take a back road trip to Pozo, CA. This building I need to research. To me it looks like an old school or perhaps a general store.  It's been there since I've been here, and that was 1982. 

..and finally, the place where many a peep has slept one off after embibing.. BeemerDons to the drunk tank please!

The Route

Thanks for riding along, my virtual friends!


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