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2014-12-27 Because We Can FarWest Tavern

2014-12-27 BecauseWeCanFarWestTavern

Dean Tanji, ever the one to to rub our wonderful weather into the frozen noses of our eastern Brothers once again posted they because we can ride event. For the second year in a row we met at the Far West Tavern in Orcut California. 

I posted on the F JR forum to see if any local riders wanted to meet up then ride to the tavern. Supertanker and his pastor Rick Took me up on the offer, as did Mike, HCYLE. 

Here we are munching and Dean T has just concluded the toast to the frozenites. 

Rick and Chris from the FjrForum. Mike was running a little bit late so we left him to his own navigational skills to find eat point by himself. If you know Mike, did you know that Mike had no trouble finding the Far West Tavern.

Chris Purney on the left. The unknown fellow to the right is a Iron Butt rally newbie for 2015.

Here's Randy, dressed like Johnny Cash. He's on the FJR forum too. Can't recall his handle right now. But I do recall that he likes to crash very expensive motorcycles.  :)

It was less of a turn out then from last year. Some of the bikes had already left by the time I took this photo.

Does anybody know who this is? He was at last year's ride to eat, and I think he does rallies.

Chris P's (eeksnake) honey.

I don't know who they are, but it was a father daughter riding team from the bay area, San Francisco California. The daughter was funny. I saw her standing by the bike all suited up, Helmet in hand while Dad conversed and conversed and conversed and conversed. Finally, enough time has gone by she had to go pee! When she came back from the restroom dad was still talking! He gave me a plastic enclosure to protect a Valentine radar detector. The timing was really good, as I am looking to buy a Valentine to replace my old escort 8500.

Well, that's it.Tony,I hope this proves the event really did happen. Many kudos to Mr. Tanji for putting this event on once again.


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