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2015-01-03 23rd Annual Freeze Your Balls Off Ride

2015-01-03 23rd Annual Freeze Your Balls Off Ride

Somehow, got to be invited to a local ride. Who would have known, this is the 23rd year?
Yes, the 23rd annual freeze your balls off ride!

Started chilly enough... 23F.

We met up at the warm south county of San Luis Obispo, CA. Here are the early riders.. 

A eclectic group of motobikes.

For the second time in a rowMargie's diner in San Luis ObispoCalifornial has sucked dick.
15 minutes before we had coffee... 

and the billing was a joke too, resulting the tearful waitress in the parking lot asking riders to fetch the money off the table they had left to cover the bill, find the bill, then pay at the counter.

Yep, we're STILL waiting for bills or a waitress or any sign of intelligence...

I left coin on the table (paid too much, just to be sure) then went outside. Most everyone was about 80% geared up and rarin to ride.

Mr. Biker and his dawg.

It was shortly after this the waitress came out asking everyone to fetch money, find bill, pay at counter. She was crying, and cute, so I complied to keep her out of trouble.

This lead to an interesting conumdrum. I rarely go on 'group' rides, especially with riders who I don't know their riding skills. Matter of fact, it was this group on another ride where a feller on a Harley didn't see the group slow, and ended  up narrowly missing hitting a gal (Susan) on a BMW. I posted that ride but won't reference it here. Anyway, this 'group' ride essentially turned into a solo CBA ride. On one hand, it was coolio that so many riders just rode it in very small packs, all knowing the territory and route. On the other hand, for some odd reason I had an itch to ride in a pack. I guess herd mentality shows up now and again.

The route started in  San Luis Obiso, south on 101 to Santa Maria, east on 166 to New Cuyama, then Maricopa. North on 33 to 58 west and back to Santa Margarita.

166 East bound, crossing the bridge. It's green enough, but not much if any water down below.

I was truly in a CBA go-slow mode. Whenever I felt like scratching corners, the result wasn't satisfying. What the heck is with my head today anyway?

Then again, riding CBA slow allows one to see a different picture. For example, how this mound was cut and terraced for road passage.

Rode up on WinniBargo, an FJR and Yamaha something, husband and wife team.

Two healthy Harleys behind. When the passed, I chuckled. These two HD's are making power. They sounded great as the blasted by.

Not all pirates pose. These two are riders. Yes, they look like pirates, but so what? We look like puffed out power rangers.

The Wing Rider.

Approaching New Cuyama, the terrain changes from green and rock out cropping to a Death Valley look.

Yes, Martha, that's snow in them dere hills.

In new Cuyama, everyone stops at the Buckhorn resturant. I rode on to the park where there is a free rest room.



Having crested the hill, we drop in elevation into the oil fields near Taft.

So far, we have seen the Pacific ocean, we've seen a rock outcroppings,green trees, we've seen snow in the mountains we've seen oil fields and barren land.

Less than 3 hours later, after breakfast, it's time for lunch!

While everyone else shuffled in, I took pix of the motobikes.

This airhead belongs to an airhead named David B. He's my bud. Used to work with DB at CP. Good to see David and the bike again!

There were 3, maybe 4 of the big beemers on this ride.

Maybe 3 FJR's.

Apparently, lots of koolaid being drunk by this group.

Barry Vincent's new ride. Traded his FJR for it.

Who says you can't run a car tire on the front end of a motorcycle?

This conversion kit appears to be very well-done.

..and of course, Wing!

The Mexican restaurant had good food and EXCELLENT service! Everyone seemed happy as tacos.

A few pix of my bud, David B. Earlier he stated 'The Carissa Plains have not been good to me'.. he crashed last time out. Nearly a year later, he's back on the rebuilt horse, and riding safely, cautiously. 
I thought David might like to see few action pix of him in action.

Hiway 58 from 99 to west to Santa Margarita is a beautiful road, with lots of twisties, undulations, and scenery too.

Ride on, my friend, ride on!

58, riding West. Soda Lake can just be seen over the ridge at 12 o'clock. Very little traffic, especilly now that the solar farms are nearly completed.

..and the road goes on forever, but someday the party will end

I've been taken this picture for over 30 years now. In 1979 me and a bud were so cold we hopped the fence and sheltered from the cold. Back then building had walls. RIP Michael Hendrickson.

The solar farm.

Evidently, solar farms don't require much security. Just one locked cattle gate.

In a juxtaposition, this ride opened a few gates in my mind.

It was nice, really nice to get out and ride for bit, meet new peeps, look at some green not seen for some time,NOT freeze my balls off.
Returning home, a quick cocktail and jump in the jacuzzi completed what can only be described as a very good day.


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