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2015-04-03 KwaqKer First Ride


KwaqKer First Ride

An amazing day. Was dreading going to CA DMV to re-register a bike not registered since 1994. What could possibly go wrong? Visions of CHP inspections, endless DMV hurdles filled my child-like egg shell mind (Jim Morrison, An American Prayer, get it!) 

Would you belive that in 6 minutes, I was out of CA DMV with a new tag? Me either, but it's true. I scheduled an appointment, drew number A001, (head of line, first served).. Presented the prominence, pink slip, new dealer registration, and pretty much every registration since 1979... 

Which resulted in this, a 2016 tag for all of 86 USD.

Trailered the old gurl to Creston, I'm not yet ready to trash her on the AlCarver highway, although that time will happen soon enough. 

Ahh, how purrty is she?


 Well, we did not get all that far. Riding the 2-2-9 is the perfect road to break in a new engine. Lots of throttle to seat the rings, lots of de-cell too. Perfect.

Problem was engine over-heating. Sigh.

When she got this point, I stopped, let her cool down, and headed back to the house.

On this ride, found the following things need fixing -

  1. Overheating. Big issue. Perhaps
    1. Not 'Burped'  per manual to eliminate air bubbles?
    2. Incorrect readings - bad instrumentation?
    3. Low coolant levels (checked - OK levels) 
    4. Impeller not pumping water?
    5. T-stat not opening?
    6. Radiator needs cleaning?
  2. Rear brake - not there. 2 or 3 inches travel before some braking effect.. Useless as is
  3. High beam / Low beam headlight not working... troubleshooting says the switch at handlebar is hosed
  4. Speedometer - at first, thought the bike only had 4 gears.. rpm vs. mph not correlating.. I mean, 5.5k rpm = 50 mph? Nooo. The speedo/drive is messed up, responding slowly.

Observations -

  • what a wonderful bike! For being as heavy and as old, still remarkably flickable into corners. Very much FJR like. Can't wait to get the rear brake up to snuff
  • clutch... oh my, what a fine, delicate hand is needed - throttle control, speed, and lever action need be precise for the perfect shift
  • some noise from the top end and rhs flywheel
  • want this bike to be a SS1k ride, so need to get deficiencies in order
  • Ray performed MAGIC on this bike - all the issues listed above are minor (hopefully)


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