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2015-04-04 Steering Head Bearings




2015-04-04 Steering Head Bearings Service

Thought I'd check the steering head bearings due to hearing a popping sound when lifting KrZy8 onto the center stand. 

It's been several years since I'd installed the tapered Timkin's. All is looking OK on the topside.

Upper bearing.

Lower bearing has adequate grease.

Bottom side view.

All cleaned up and ready for new grease.

Some small pitting on the rollers. Not unexpected, as I run a fairly high torque load on them.

Magically, it all just went back together, easy-peasy.

Here is the tool OldRoy made for us, back in the day! Thanks Roy! I wonder how he is doing these days. Last I heard he was battling some health issues.

Well, the steering head bearings are not the source of the POP sound. Oh well, never hurt to service them anyhow.



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