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2015-05-05 Motorcycle Lift




2015-05-05 MotoBike Lift

I finally pulled the trigger on a motorcycle lift. Got a Chinese M-1500C-HR from It was a PITA to get it delivered with shipping firm SAIA. They insisted on bringing in a 54 foot long tractor/trailer up my dead-end dirt road. Almost had to cancel the order before they agreed to using a bob-tail truck. 

It arrived in a nice wooden crate.

The N/A on capacity means it has unlimited capacity...

It had me confused as to where what parts went. Then, I realized the silly thing was delivered up-side down. Duh!

First up was Wabs.

The benefits of having a lift come quickly.. Check out the  broken center-stand spring.

...and RedFishHunter must have stolen my air cap...

...and the radiator needs a good cleaning...

Oil is clean and level is correct..

The mechanical stop in the 'free' position e.g. it can lower when the bar is up. The two shiny things are magnets. The two round jobbers at front are magnets too. They drop the bar so that on the next lift the bar is in the 'catch' position.

In the secure position. Mechanically bound to prevent drops.

It's an air motor driving a hydraulic pump. The ram is hydraulic. I had to re-work the foot pedal mechanism, it was sticky in both up and down directions. It's suposed to go to 'neutral' when the foot is off the pedal.

Rise and fall rate controlled by this needle valve. More work required on the box.. As delivered, could not twist the quick disconnect fitting. The knurled knob was interferring with the case.

Not sure what the back vertical poles are for... and less sure abouot the horizantal bar. It's just pipe.. with end caps. Does it go here or...,

..or here? It has two holes that fit perfectly to the outside of the lift base...

See? I thought it might be for moving the lift... but if you lift the other end, the square bracket is dragging... so I'm cornfused.. 

The FJR up. I had to add the tie-down points on the lift front.

Came up with the turnbuckle idea... the bike is NOT going over.

The other side required a soft tye.

It really is nice to see the underbelly without laying on concrete..I've already done a side-stand service, cleaned and lubed the centerstand, checked the connections to the regulator/rectifirer.

I liked the tiedown idea so much I added a another pair on the wings.

Overall, this lift is good enough quality for what I'll use it for.. the backyard shadetree mechanic. If I had a shop, I'd want something a bit better like a K&L or Handy. When the FJR is on the centerstand, there is a slight deflection in the deck if the bike is rocked side to side. I think I'll find some 1/4" diamond plate and bolt it in place under the centerstand area.



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