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2012-03-22 Engine Swap Weekend!


The original file got corrupted so here's some pix.. Will follow with words later...





2012-03-23 Engine Swap Day - Fairlaner Pix

I found these pictures today, 2017-01-20. Fairlaner, Richard, took these. Hard to believe it's almost 5 years ago we did this.

What great friends Ray and Richard are. Richard funded Rays fuel bill to travel from Oregon to central Kali. Ray brought his old truck, lift, jacks, tools and more importantly, knowledge!

I really enjoyed seeing these pix from Richard's point of view. And Thank You Richard, for letting me use your pix here..

Prepping to remove broken engine.

Ray enjoys HarleyDdog. RIP Harley, you were a great pup.


New engine at left, old at right.

Prepping the transplant engine. I always wondered what was under the black cover..

Ray says "Let's look!."


The transplant motor had a rashed alternator cover, so we swapped.


In case you want to see where a starter motor lives..

Ready for implant!


It's a pretty big job to transplant engines. Glad I had help!

Yeah Baby, in the frame!

Uhh, Ray? You OK? Or did Richard piss you off, mate?



One has to rember where wire looms route... When we started, the deal was this.. If you took it apart, you put it together.

Making great progress! 

Almost ready to call it a day..

The real boss shows up.

Living, Hondarosa style!

I have to admit, pretty tired. Ray looks comfie in his loafers and pajamas!

We even had our own cheerleader!

Not sure what the hat's about..

We live streamed the entire event.. had lots of peeps watching and helping. I recall we couldn't remember one connector (kickstand kill switch) and the digital wrenches responded to save the day!


KrZy8EngineSwapFirstRun from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

We were having so much fun we went to the next project.. Remove engine from the 79 Kz1300 6 cylinder.

BBQ gurl working magic!

Onto the lift!

This bike is really hard to get up on centerstand.

From here it was a flurry of activity.

Until TaDaah! Engine out.

Very good buds. Thank you soo much guys. I will always remember.


A good pix of Ray!

Well, that is it!


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