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2015-08-15 NoStart and Connector and Windshield Drive Maintenance


It all started with a starting problem.. Slow cranking. Replaced battery.. Several times over 3 weeks, press starter button, hear relay.. no action at starter motor. Nothing, nada, Zip. Error code xx showing ECU not happy.

Check the ECU connector. Looked good enough.

The male pins looks ok too.

One final check of the females..

KrZy8 has many grounds.This one looks good.

I don't rain ride often in central kali and I don't wash either. Imagine this then..
This is the fan relay.
I do not ring right 

Really? It was still working. 

..and this relay in better but not good condition. Sorry, did not record what this one is..

The main battery/engine ground is clean.

Upskirt view of the triple-tree..

..and this dangling connector.. what the hell does it do?

What a mess.

B+ connections..

Pix taken to ensure future routing reassembly once nose is removed..

The onerous headlight adjust cable...

..and abandoned in place wiring... It's going to be cleaned up...

Note to self.. Buy new windshield screws..

HID wiring routing..

Clearwater LED connector is clean.

Clearwater wiring routing.

Nose removal. First the screen, then the brackets.. KaitsDad, Thank You for excellent writeup.

OK, dCarver first this part then that part. 

MONEY SHOT. Starter connector after relay and before starter motor. Don't ask me why I put this connector in. Maybe, without the access luxury provided by removing the forks, lower cowlings, and nose piece.. I needed this connector.. I don't know.. What I see is a corroded connector = resistance = heat = possible starter performance issues? I am hoping this is the proverbial smoking gun.!

I have been labeling to keep track and make life easier in the future. It's not easy keeping a 9 year old bike fully, FULLY roadworthy and run to 200k miles.

..and it was hot today.. 101F. Hard to stay focused and interested..

My labeling machine ran out of tape, so yellow electrician tape it is!

FjRay is working on a 1960 BMW of mine. It has maybe 12 wires..

Say goodnight, KrZy8. Know that Dad love you. And we WILL get to 200K Smiles.

2015-08-20 Windshield Drive Maintenance and Nose Back On

But first a few pix from the cheering section, miss Molly!

She has soulful eyes 

Cleaned up wiring, RHS.

LHS wiring re-org in progress.  Finally, wires cut to correct length with no 'looping'..

Cleaned and lubed the windshield drive mechanism.

Here is where stuff is located.. for future reference.

This wiring had to move.. the big black bundle for the Clearwater lights.. The headlight nacelle fits VERY tight in this area.. 

On the other side, made room to get my paw into the headlight connector area for future headlight replacement work.

My fairing is broken up at the nose....both sides.

I used Gorilla tape to keep it together until adequate fasteners keep it bundled up..

Windshield drive mechanism. The grooved block... I wonder if there are replacement parts for it? This rides in the outer 'rails' allowing vertical windshield movement. I think these are worn.

Here's a problem.. the vertical steel piece is part of the batter holder. It's supposed to be on the other side of the tab with a bolt to secure it. Evidently, my tech didn't do such a good job. ...and for this one time, I'm not the tech!

Close up.

All fixed. Had to loosen both the battery box and the front stay to gain clearance...

A front nose install tip - be sure that the mirror 'spacers' are glued to the subframe prior mounting the nose. DAMHIK.

I used this stuff to glue the rubber to the aluminum.

I had to install and remove the nose at least a dozen times.. I had re-routed wiring to 'clean it up' and too bad too sad the wiring interfered with  things like the headlight nacelle, headlight adjustment mechanism, etc.

It felt good to get the nose back on..

She's almost ready.... 

The front forks are awaiting parts, sigh. Recall the original reason for starting this job was a slow cranking speed then no crank at all. Then discovered the leaky right fork seal.. Then decided to visit all the connectors.. Then label all the connectors. Then clean up wiring. What the hell is wrong with me?

...more to come

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