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2015-08-22 of Vincents, ParkField, Cemeteries and Hudsons


2015-08-22 of Vincents, ParkField, Cemeteries and Hudsons

With only time for a local ride, ventured out on Wabs, the weestrom.

First up, a little food.

My bud Ivan, at Hidden Power Cycle Clinic, had called the the night before saying that he was working on a Vincent in a track master frame. Would I like to stop by to see it?

Tony, the owner, his wife Elanor, and Ivan had just loaded it into their custom van.

Nickel plated 4130 chrome moly frame.

Look carefully, that's a custom ramp in the back.

Suzuki front end and brakes.

One-off TrackMaster frame extended ~12 inches for the engine.

Mechanical Porn.

Noticing how clean it was, asked 'Does she handle as well as she should?' 
'I don't know, I haven't ridden it' Tony replied.
'I raced desert for 30 years, and now am too old to ride. So I bought this as a labor of love and look at it as artwork.'

I did NOT ask to ride it!

The tank is an old Bud Ekins tank. It was holey tank.. but all better now.

On with the ride. Found a bamboo farm on the north side of Paso Robles, CA on North River road.

I was wondering about the wisdom of having such a water inensive crop when we're in 4 year drought... but still, the structure is coolio.

..another eye catcher.. check out the laminated power pole.. 

Found an old Hudson. He lives near Seattle. This YOUNG Hudson lives in Paso Robles, CA.

Love the lines.. and it looks unrestored. Original.

It was hard to tell if it was for sale or the guy had just bought.


Goodbye Mr. Hudson.

On to Parkfield, CA. Notice the quality difference between the two counties..

The ornamental tree has been there for years.

San Andreas fault eastbound.

The feared fault.

West bound.

Parkfield cemetary.

Folks did not leave as long back in the day.

A wooden headstone. Still in good shape.

The stories only a cemetery can tell..

Lots of Taylors buried here. I don't any Taylors.

One year and 15 days? Sad.


The Jones family.


Daughter and sister.

This guy was 'Saddler'.


Coolio stuff to look at..

Rooms for an overnight stay.

A real tree fort.

Fire station. As I rode, the Cuesta Ridge fire continues to burn.

Coolio horse skeleton.

I never realized how big a horses' jaw is..

..and finally, Central Coast Water Hogs.. Check this guy out. Growing alfalfa for cows to eat. He waters 18 hours a day..

Big puddles of water not on the the crop.

It just doesn't make sense..


The end.


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