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2015-09-19 She Runs!

1978 DT125

Had a couple of hours today. Decided to see if the old gurl would run or be a bitch. The original owner, a great guy buy not necessarily the best wrench in town, did a GREAT job in preserving this bike for future care. The tank was mostly drained... the petcock turned off, the bike run dry. Of course, that's really just a start. But the PO lived in dry climate and the bike was stored indoors for years. What would I find? 

On the OR table and ready for inspection.

Looking closely, it appears the right and left external covers have been removed for work. The silly 1970's pan head screws are slightly rounded, I see traces of excessive silicone on the mating surfaces. The inner cases looks unmolested.

She IS cute!



All of these pix are AS-IS. No polish, nothing. She is very well preserved. 

Molly dawg sez what the phook, play ball with me!

Pulled the plug.. Kicked her over.. strong blue spark across an old plug!

The real purpose of this series of pix to document the As-Found condition. But will she run? What of the crank seals? Or top-end noise?

Hmm.. need a couple more miles  before the reg process begins...

Air filter clean but falling apart. Glad I didn't crank it over and suck filter element into the engine... and the battery cost me 19 dollars. The previous battery was 9 dollars. Progress, I guess.


Thank You, no, don't need foam into the engine..

Petcock story.. Stuck. Kroil and time. Got it to work with out destroying the o-ring...

Filter in good shape.

Carb bowl pretty clean of varnish too..

Main, intermediate, air bleed all gunked up. Hint. a wire strand from a wire brush works great in a Creston pinch..

So here she sits..

Wanna here her run?


She Runs 1 from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

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