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2015-12-31 - 2015 Year in Review


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Posted 09 January 2016 - 07:29 AM

2015-01-03 23rd Annual Freeze Your Balls Off Ride - HiWay 58 east of Creston, Calif25.jpg


2015-01-17 Road to Jalama10.jpg


Got a ticket for something I didn't do. Jeesh. I don't even live in the Bay Area or use their stinkin' bridges.. JSNS.
I have not been here before. Emotions are running full throttle. I am crying. I did not cry, as a very young man, at her churce service. Yet, here, so many years later.. Tears flow.
2015-03-08 Uncle Dutch Rides Hondarosa
WooHoo! After a carb clean and SeaFoam, maybe an hour of running.. She's ready to rawk!
KwaqKer First Ride
Spearfish/Sturgis 2015-06
BearTooth with PNW Krew
The Bugnatr
Sacramento Mike

2015-08-22 of Vincents, ParkField, Cemeteries and Hudsons 2.jpg

In the tribute to Don Stanley, BeemerDon on the FjrForum, AvGeek posted up Don's first ride on Naomi. 


Turns out Tyler has been right all along. It really is about the peeps in the long run. 

    Walked away Posted ImagePosted Image Is it really crashing if you don't fall down?--
    I wouldn't change a fucking thing; I've lived hard, played hard, and I ain't done yet. I've paid some severe penalties along the way, but the rewards have been so much greater; even if for just have participating in the game of life with utmost abandon. It's not who rides the furthest in a day, but rather in a lifetime. CBA member #1, IBA #31845 and very proud of both.
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