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2016-01-26 KZ1300 Pukes On My Birthday But Gets Me Home


After a good ride on the freshly rebuilt KZ1300 a few days ago, and confidence soaring, took a day off work to have fun. What the hell right, it's my B-Day!

..and today QuackQuack looses her dirt road virginity. No trailer queen. Ride them, don't hide them. So here we go.

I raised the idle to 1,500 as first gear is really tall. Finding the correct throttle and clutch for this light weight crankshafted engine requires a fine touch. And a high idle covers a lot of evils. The AlCarver highway calls to pit frame rails and destroy powder coating. I don't care. If you can't ride them... really. What's the point?

Lunch at a favorite spot in Paso Robles, CA. 

I notice a little oil spot.. and it's mine.

It's coming from the right hand side alternator cover. 

Gassing up in Paso Robles, CA... The speedo is not working correctly. It lags horribly. It is accurate after a long time.. but I can come to a complete stop and it still registers 30 mph then slowly drops down to 0. I think the speedo needle is magnectically coupled and hope a good cleaning will clear it up.

My confidence in the 37 year old bike is soaring. As the engine breaks in, she is carbureating cleaner and pulling stronger. I load and unload the engine on nice curvy mountain roads to help with break in process. Took her up to 6000 rpm on this road.

This is Lake Naciemento. It is looking fuller because we've had some rain. But the BIG El-Nino has not hit us yet and I wonder if it will.

The Voedesky cyberlight is causing havic on the 'headlight is out' annuciator.. Another thing to fix. I wonder if I ever put a relay on the V light and it sucks the voltage down low enough to trigger the headlight out circuit?

One has to wonder the wisdom, NOT, of riding a fresh rebuilt MC where the sign says...

But this is a familar road and I have AAA tow services, extended, for motobikes too. So screw it, I'm going.

I know that back East peeps are shivering and shoveling snow.. 

An accidental shot that I liked, so I kept in the line up for this RR.

That is an old school in the background. Preserved and still used for social events. NICE.

The temperature gauge has been indicating 3/4 and more.. but I shot the radiator water with cap off and it was only 190.. so I'm not worried. False confidence.. later I payed.

These old Oak trees are well over 100 years old. The 37 year old KZ has a way to go...

Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo north county, has some nice roads.

I'm not morbid, but I do like old cemeteries. 

..and good Olive Oil. Popeye did too. 

The KZ runs stronger as the miles roll on.. I'm so freaking happy at how well she is running. For being an old gurl, it is GREAT to feel so happy in the saddle in 2016 as I was in 1979. The bike really handles and brakes and corners much better than one could imagine. And roll on snap from 4k to 6k is wicked.. Truly an amazing machine.

This is Whale Rock Resevoir. It sits atop a little little town called Cayucous.This is the fullest I've seen it now in 3 years. 

Hee Hee.. I just giggle when I see this bike.

A song.. the road goes on forever and the party never ends. Uh, no.

Heading into Morro Bay, and the gas gauge says less than half. Really? What's that, 25 mpg? Then I realize the speedo error and must assume the odo is off too. I know the KZ has fuel delivery issues as the tank sits only 1/2 inch, if that, above the carb inlet. A shitty design. Now... I want gas.

So I make it to Atascadero, CA.. for gas. Immediately 3 folks who I don't know are waving their arms and pointing behind me. CRAP. She's puking coolant, big time. I'm happy I didn't toss her in the slime.

After fueling, push her to the side. I wonder if this might be the famous KZ1300 air-burp. The service manual says to disconnect the fans, run to boil, then replinish coolant to make the system solid. But their was ALOT of coolant on the ground.

Talk about coincidence.. Last week I met a guy at the Chevron station when refueling KrZy8. He had just moved to Atascadero from - San Jose? - and rode GSA BMW. We chatted and exchanged numbers. Today, there Jeff again. He's still working up north but was 'home' again for 3 days. What a nice guy. He offered his trailer to tote us home, his garage if a stay was needed, and tools to fetch. The radiator, to touch, wasn't all THAT hot.. nor the engine cylinder.. I could put bare naked fingers on it and not have to immediately pull away. 

Let her cool down, bought a bottle of distilled water and a small drinking bottle of water.. Watered the plants with the drinking water then filled it with DI and filled the radiator. 16 ounces it took. Added a bit to the catch tank. Fired her up and took off for home. I killed her at every stop light. Once underway, the temp gauge ran 3/4 to 7/8. Just keep the air flowing, please.

Arriving home, let her idle and she boiled again... and no fans kicking on. 

Not sure what the next steps are... fix the cooling fan, remove and flush the radiator, check the T-Stat... It's obvious that the coolant temperature at the filler cap is alot cooler than in the block.

The sad thing.. the engine is now 'growly'. Where before she sounded like a Singer sewing machine.. now something ain't happy. I'm hoping for the best and know that know and again even a Yamaha FJR1300 engine throws a few noises.. 




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